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I help people reconnect to their hearts, re-discover their hope, and remember how to dream again!

And yes, I can even help you HEAL. 

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My gift to help you discover your path to joy, peace, and fulfillment!
Welcome, Friend!

I’m Shannon MacDonald


I offer Transformational Life Coaching, Vibrational Energy Healing, Meditation Coaching, and various holistic, heart-centered classes and events in my beautiful hometown of Ormond Beach, Florida.

No worries if you don’t live in my area! My services are easily scheduled via video call, and many of my classes and events are offered online.

I look forward to being a guiding light towards your healing, happiness, and lasting change.

I see you and you’re right where you need to be.


Be the change you want to be. Dream the life you wish to see!

Feel More Centered

Do you frequently feel scattered or unable to concentrate? Let me help you open your heart and calm your racing mind so you can connect with your inner peace.

Discover Your Purpose

Have you found yourself asking, “who am I, and what am I here to do”? The answers to your most intimate questions are calling. Learn how to listen.
Release Pain From The Past and Heal Your Heart with Guided Meditation

Release Pain From The Past

Does your life seem to revolve around the pain or trauma of the stories you hold within? Heal your heart so you can begin again.

Free Yourself From Worry

Release attachment to fear, limitation, control, and failure. Realize that your state of mind is what liberates you.

Life Coaching

Go from where you are, to where you want to be.
Your state of mind, as well as your beliefs, shape your life. When your beliefs hold fear, limitation, judgment, and self-defeating habits and behaviors, your life begins to reflect the outcomes you least desire. You become enslaved to doing rather than being. You forget how to connect to your happiest, most inspired, authentic life.

My Heal for Real™ Coaching Program will help you reframe your state of mind so you can create lasting change as you reconnect to your peace, power, purpose, and potential. Coaching Sessions are offered in-person and via video call.

Guided Meditation Online and Transformational Life Coaching Program in Ormond Beach Florida with Shannon MacDonald
Time to Reconnect

Experience Meaningful Change

See what my clients have said

“Shannon has a gift. You feel peaceful just by being near her, and when she spends time working on bringing you into a calmer, loving state, there is no denying her authenticity and ability. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who wants to increase their vibration, feel more centered and reconnect with a feeling of joy.”

Elan Kaney 
Elan Kaney

“I knew I needed meditation in my life, but I was at a loss to start a practice. Shannon was a wonderful teacher, giving me tools and resources to get me going. The afterglow from that session lasted a week. I would recommend Shannon for anyone interested in meditation but who may need some guidance. I will be returning to see her!”

Diane Swan 
Diane Swan

“Shannon has a generous, kind and calming spirit and after our session I immediately felt an inner peace. But it didn’t end there, Shannon emailed me suggestions, links to YouTube yoga and breathing channels, meditations, positive affirmations and rituals to incorporate into my daily life, and gentle reminders to help me connect with my peace.”

Marybeth Boyle 
Marybeth Boyle

Be Empowered & Energized

Wellness Events

Group Healing Events, Kundalini Yoga, Guided Meditations, and More – Online & at The Karma Castle.

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Transform your life with my upcoming book
Mastering Manifestation!

Work with Me Privately

Heart-Centered Holistic Healing for Full Life Transformation. Sessions via Video Call & in Person.

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