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I’m Shannon MacDonald

Author, Spiritual Healer, &

Divine Feminine Life Guide

I was a practicing RN for 28 years. From bedside nursing to clinical management, I loved my nursing jobs, and I loved my patients.

I would have to say my favorite nursing jobs are when I had the privilege of working as a hospice nurse. This is where I learned beyond what any medical book could teach me about healing; and that it doesn’t always mean repairing a physical condition. True healing happens in the loving presence of the heart and the serenity of the mind. Physical healing can be a wonderful and sometimes miraculous side effect.

I got into the nursing profession because I loved helping people feel better. I still love helping people feel better; only now I get to do it from a holistic approach that has evolved from my years of training and life experience. I traded in my stethoscope to listen to my client’s needs from my heart so I could help heal theirs.

Let Me Help You Make a Shift!

From RN to Spiritual Healer, I have successfully helped hundreds of people make a healing shift. These shifts are often life-changing transformations as they find their peace, reconnect with their joy and purpose, feel relief from pain, and even heal from chronic and debilitating diseases. Helping you unite with your inner peace and letting go of limiting patterns is what I am good at doing. Various forms of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing often happen after that.

I will help you shift emotionally and energetically so you can gracefully and securely rise within your peace, power, purpose, and potential. Yes, it can even help you heal!

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I became a Registered Nurse


I completed my Reiki Master Level Certification


I completed the Foundational Reconnective Healing Training Program


I completed Shakti School Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

What I Do

Heart-Centered Healing for Full-Life Transformation

My foundational training in energy healing was my Reiki attunement in 2003. This established my lifelong quest to study and practice various energy healing modalities. I chose to label my modality as Spiritual Healing because it encompasses all I have learned and represents harmonizing healing energy from the Divine.

When it comes to healing, I have learned that positive and lasting transformation is rooted in our predominant energy and beliefs. How we perceive and interact with the world can shift our reality. The shift, however, must begin from within.

My purpose is to help you make the shift to your most peaceful and empowered self as you let go of limiting beliefs and destructive patterns so you can live your most abundant, authentic, and delicious life!

You Become How You Feel From One Moment to the Next.

shannon macdonald reiki therapist, life coach, author ormond beach, fl

There is a Reason You Have Found Me

Wherever you are in the process of exploring who you are or your direction in life you are in the right place! Maybe you desire to move beyond pain from the past or worry about the future. It could be you desire to feel more peaceful, hopeful, or happy despite how the world around you appears to be. Whatever your reason, when we work together, you are the honored guest at my table.

I understand that you have been through many challenges in life. You may be feeling as though no one really understands your pain or can’t identify with the circumstances that have brought you to how you are feeling right now. Maybe you feel alone on your journey of awakening or hopeless in your healing. I will radiate the love and light of universal healing energy to help you reconnect to your remembrance of your innate healing potential.

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Did You Know I Write Books?

Transformational Self-Help Books to Help You Magnetize Your Best Life! (facebook post) (400 × 400 px)

Writing is more than a passion for me. It translates the language of love within my heart into messages that open the door to higher awareness in myself and others. It doesn’t just come from within me; it also flows through me. As I listen within, the messages become clear. No thinking, just feeling, translating, and then writing. It is my utmost joy to share my writing with the world!

Get To Know Me

A Few of My Favorite Things

shannon macdonald, author, reiki healer and her dog ormond beach, fl

My Favorite Animal

My German Shepherd named Target.

My Favorite Movie

What Dreams May Come.

My Daily Spiritual Practice

Meditation, Gratitude, & Practicing Compassion.

My Usual Breakfast

Oatmeal with Almond Butter, Cinnamon, & Maple Syrup.

My Favorite Place To Do Yoga

Outside in The Early Morning.

Weather I Thrive In

Warm, Sunny, & Tropical.

Something I Use Everyday

Young Living Lavender Lip Balm.

Something I Look Forward To

Spending Time with My Kids & Grandkids.
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“I have had healing sessions with Shannon several times over the years. Each time is a new and different level of healing experience. The sessions are extremely relaxing and I always have a renewed sense of peace and clarity after a session. During one session I had a terrible headache, which I had been battling for days completely disappear! I highly recommend Shannon’s Spiritual Healing Services as well as her Guided Meditations. Just being in her energy is an uplifting experience in itself!”

Heidi Smith

“This was my first experience with spiritual healing and I had no idea what to expect. Shannon made me feel very comfortable and walked me through the process prior to the session. It was one of the most peaceful and meaningful experiences I have ever had. I left feeling uplifted, and truly at peace. I also felt more equipped to work through some of the “‘issues” I was dealing with! Shannon has a sweet way about her and a soothing voice. She is perfect for Spiritual healing! She is very professional and the Karma Castle is an ideal setting for healing of all kinds! I cannot wait to have another spiritual healing session with Shannon!”

Nancy Cortez

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