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What is Spiritual Energy Healing + Reiki?

Spiritual healing is a non-touch, holistic approach that harmonizes and elevates the energetic frequencies within your body. Much like Reiki, Spiritual Healing is spiritually guided life force energy.

As a Spiritual Healer, I incorporate my Reiki training along with other energy healing modalities I have studied to provide my clients with the best healing experience.

Your body has a natural ability to heal. When it is out of balance due to the heavy demands of life or circumstances beyond your control your optimal healing potential is decreased.

The effects of Spiritual Healing can help harmonize and rebalance your energetic body. This can greatly influence and help optimize your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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Which Service Should I Choose?

If you are unsure which of my transformational services to choose, this FAQ should help you decide.

While all of my services have their own unique path, they all lead to your highest healing. I suggest listening to how your body feels and what your heart is trying to tell you. One service may speak to you more than another.

Allow your mind to listen to your heart and go with your initial gut instinct. If you are still unsure, I suggest starting with a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session. If you are a woman looking for more clarity or to reconnect with your passion and purpose you may want to try a Divine Feminine Life Guidance Session. If your Higher Awareness leads you to an Ascension Code Activation, you will immediately know if this is right for you. There is no middle ground with an Ascension Code Activation.

Here is a little summary that may help you decide:

Spiritual Healing
You have a desire to feel whole, harmonious, and happy again. You may be suffering from physical, emotional, or spiritual pain or dis-ease. The pressures of life, destructive habits, or disempowering beliefs may be keeping you from finding your purpose and uniting with your highest potentials. You are on a journey of awakening and feel the need to harmonize and heal your mind, body, and soul.

Divine Feminine Life Guidance

You may not have many people to talk to about your awakening process. You might feel as though no one understands your outlook on life or why you don’t think like the majority of your friends, co-workers, and family. You may be noticing increased psychic awareness and synchronicities. You desire more clarity regarding life choices and how you can rise above limiting beliefs, disempowering patterns, and fearful thinking.

Ascension Code Activation
You have a strong feeling that you are here for a purpose to help humanity rise above fear and limitation and restore our true heritage and timeline for Ascension. You may resonate as a Starseed, Lightworker, or Awakened Soul on a mission to radiate your Light and help this realm of existence rise above the false programs of fear and limitation. You are ready to activate the energetic remembrance of the truth of who you are so you can energetically fight the War or Consciousness with your Enlightened Awareness.


What Can I Expect During a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session?

What to Expect In Person

Just as no two people are alike, no two Spiritual Healing Sessions are entirely the same. During your first visit, we will sit and get to know each other before we start your Healing Session. Don’t worry; you will have plenty of time to ask me questions! Common elements include initial conversation, guided meditation, discussion about your current spiritual practices, healing time, post discussion and/ or reflection, teaching, and suggestions to deepen your healing and spiritual practice further. Be assured that our conversations are kept private and treated with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, and compassion. Spiritual Healing Sessions are non-touch. Your healing time will be on a recliner chair in my office. You will be fully clothed with the option to remove your shoes if you wish.

What to Expect Over Video Call

If you choose your Healing Session to be held remotely via video call, you can expect the same experience as In-Person Sessions in the comfort of your own home. Spiritual Healing Sessions held remotely via video call are just as effective as those held in person. Many of my clients choose distance Healing Sessions due to living outside of my area. You also have the advantage of enjoying your distance session without having to travel. You can schedule a session with me here.

How Does Spiritual Healing + Reiki Fit in with My Traditional Healthcare?

Spiritual Healing is not meant to replace your traditional or conventional medical care. It may be used as a complementary service in addition to whatever medical care you currently utilize. It is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider for health conditions, questions, or concerns. Never delay or disregard professional medical advice.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

The process and experience of spiritual awakening is different for everyone. The common thread is realizing the world we live in is more than what we see or believe it to be. Many people begin to become aware of the unseen energy and unifying Divine Intelligence of the non-physical world, and how it interacts and interrelates to everything. Some people begin to have a heightened sense of awareness or extra sensory perceptions (ESP) and notice synchronicities. This is a time when beliefs may be evaluated or questioned while looking at the world in a different light. Spiritual awakening is a journey, not a destination. The more awakened and aware we become, we realize our energy, beliefs, intentions, and emotions can shape our experiences in life and magnetize possibilities and potentials. It really is the Law of Attraction in action! My book, Mastering Manifestation goes into this in detail. Awakening is often seeing the truth through illusion and love through fear. Many begin to question the “narrative” as they remember the beauty and truth of who we are within a unified field of Divine Consciousness. A service to others mentality over ego-driven agendas begins to emerge. During the spiritual awakening process, some people recognize their inherent abilities of intuition and other extrasensory perceptions. This can be a scary feeling if they don’t understand that heightened awareness is part of our true nature. If there is no one to talk to about this, it can feel very lonely and isolating. Some people will ignore their newfound “abilities” or heightened awareness because they fear judgment, ridicule, or non-acceptance. If this is you, I invite you to schedule a Transformational Life Coaching Session. I will hold the space for you to speak your truth and honor your journey. This is a great opportunity to share your insights and perceptions of your spiritual awakening process in a safe, supportive environment. Read my blog post about spiritual awakening here.

What is Your Refund/Cancellation Policy?

All Private Sessions

If you need to cancel your session, you may request a refund for your prepaid session within 48 hours of your appointment date/time. Due to my scheduling, refunds will not be given for cancellations made within 48 hours of your appointment time. I will do my best to accommodate a reasonable timeline to reschedule your appointment.

Classes, Workshops, and Events

Please note that pre-paid tickets for classes, workshops, and events are designed to be used only for the date and time of the class or event. Tickets are non-refundable and are unable to be transferred to another date. 

Mentoring Program

If you are working with me through a mentorship program, the terms of cancellation or refund will be expressed on your application.

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“Shannon has a gift. You feel peaceful just by being near her, and when she spends time working on bringing you into a calmer, loving state, there is no denying her authenticity and ability. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who wants to increase their vibration, feel more centered and reconnect with a feeling of joy.”

Elan Kaney 
Elan Kaney

“I knew I needed meditation in my life, but I was at a loss to start a practice. Shannon was a wonderful teacher, giving me tools and resources to get me going. The afterglow from that session lasted a week. I would recommend Shannon for anyone interested in meditation but who may need some guidance. I will be returning to see her!”

Diane Swan 
Diane Swan

“Shannon has a generous, kind and calming spirit and after our session I immediately felt an inner peace. But it didn’t end there, Shannon emailed me suggestions, links to YouTube yoga and breathing channels, meditations, positive affirmations and rituals to incorporate into my daily life, and gentle reminders to help me connect with my peace.”

Marybeth Boyle 
Marybeth Boyle

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