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Hello Soul Friend,

I’m Shannon MacDonald

I am here to support you in your awakening and activate your ascension.

Most of my clients who explore an Ascension Code Activation are in various levels of Awakening. Something has significantly shifted inside them that they can no longer hide from or push away. They see the world with different eyes and notice that not everything is as it seems or what they have been taught or told to believe. They feel a Higher Calling that they are supposed to be doing something of significance but are unsure about what that is, or how to proceed. They are eager to find their answers so they may live their lives more fully and fulfill their purpose. They often feel alone in their outlook on life and don’t have anyone to talk to about their awakening process.

My guess is that if you are here, this may sound familiar.

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So you may be asking,

“What is an Ascension Code Activation, and how can it help me”?

 My short answer is that an Ascension Code Activation stimulates a cosmic, energetic remembrance that you are so much more than you may believe yourself to be!


Ascension Code Activation can help:
  • Activate Dormant Codes of Consciousness as you energetically awaken to your Divine Destiny and fulfill your Soul’s Purpose or Starseed Mission.
  • Rise above fear-based mentality and limiting beliefs so you can fully radiate The Light and help raise the collective vibration of Earth Realm Consciousness.
  • Open new channels to Higher Awareness, and amplify spiritual gifts and extrasensory abilities.
  • Remember the truth of who you are as a divine being of eternal Life and infinite Creation.
  • Claim your conviction as an Emissary of The Light to awaken humanity and rise to New Earth.

The next step from waking from the dream of forgetfulness is remembering the truth of who you are, why you are here, and what you have come here to do.

Do You Remember Who You Are?
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The Starseed Awakening

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We all embody the love, light, beauty, and truth of Divinity within a unified and loving Universe. While this is our True Nature, not everyone remembers this, or is ready to.

The ones who are opening their eyes from the dream of forgetfulness are waking up from the programs of fear and illusion that have blinded humanity from our True Nature and diverted us from our natural timeline. I call these people Starseeds and Emissaries of The Light.

These are the people who are awakening to the remembrance of who they are. They are silently called to serve humanity and Earth from the heart space of infinite love, radiant light, and divine purpose, possibilities, and potentials.

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Ascension Code Activation and Multidimensional Awakening

An Ascension Code Activation helps awaken your awareness on a multidimensional level and transcend the fear-based agendas that are paralyzing our society. The more we awaken individually, we come back to the heart space of remembering the truth of who we are as eternal beings of The Light.

An Ascension Code Activation harmonically attunes your vibration to the cosmic remembrance of Source. Think of tuning a guitar after sitting in a closet for a few years. It can still be played, but the notes won’t harmonize until tuning the strings to their optimal tones. After generations of our collective remembrance not playing the optimal tones of our True Nature, most people can use an energetic attunement to bring them back to the harmonic coherence of Source Energy.

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The more you energetically, mentally, and emotionally remember your true nature as a Lightbody, the programs of false beliefs shatter. While this can often be uncomfortable and confronting for a short time, it sets a new foundation to rise within your knowingness and begin to live your life with authentic purpose and more significant meaning, guided by your Higher Awareness.

What is Ascension?

The term ascension has many meanings depending on your frame of reference. Ascension in itself means rising or elevating. There is an upward movement towards something. The explanation for ascension here is elevating your consciousness to make a vibrational shift in your thoughts, words, energy, beliefs, and emotions. You begin to look beyond what you think you see or thought you believed and discover your true heritage of The Light Within. This, in turn, breaks the chains of fear, illusion, and limitation while we rise to New Earth 5D Consciousness. A New Earth is based on our perceptual reality as observers and creators. Our reality becomes seeded with our highest thoughts, feelings, and emotions within the infinite possibilities and potentials of Life and Creation.

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As the Ascension Codes are activated, we awaken to our remembrance of the infinite potentials of our true nature as eternal beings of Divine Light. We make a collective shift of consciousness to a New Earth based on vibrational alignment with love, beauty, unity, and truth. The elevation of human consciousness is The Ascension into the next realm of experience.

Your Soul is Calling.

Are You Listening?

Look Beyond What You Think You See and Help Set Humanity Free!

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The Best Investment is You!

An Ascension Code Activation is a one-time, lifelong investment to access and activate Source Codes within you. These Divine Codes of Awakening may have been lying dormant for many lifetimes. You have been following the signs to be here now, not because you think so, but because you are ready.

This is a time of great cosmic awakening. You have been called, along with many other Starseeds, Mystics, Mediums, Healers, Visionaries, Wisdom Keepers, and Emissaries of The Light to become activated.

Sit in the silence, tune in with your heart, and ask yourself, “Is this my Divine Calling”? Always trust your Higher Guidance and Inner Wisdom of Divine Consciousness.

If an Ascension Code Activation is for you, then you will know.  Your answer will be a resounding, YES!


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