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Author, Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Healer
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Author, Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Healer
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Mastering Manifestation

12 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life of Your Dreams

This revolutionary book is a blueprint to consciously become the master of your own manifestation. When you begin to follow the “Keys”, your life begins to manifest positive outcomes from your infinite potentials, and you become the awakened dreamer of your destiny, instead of the blind follower of your fate.

Mastering Manifestation is a gateway to your radiance within, to help you magnetize and sustain the life you dream of.

Unlock the door to your destiny!

Awaken to Possibility

Awaken dormant dreams and unfulfilled potentials and discover how to shift the energy of your thoughts, raise the energy of your emotions, and transform limiting beliefs.

Learn how your predominant energy is a powerful contributor to manifestation.

Transform Your Life

Learn how to identify and transform energetic blocks and shift your magnetic qualities to attract and create what you want in life with the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation.

Practical exercises to easily apply the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation to everyday life.

Unlock Your Potential

Discover the two things that hold the Master Key to unlock joy and unlimited possibility and potential in your life.

Gain the information and tools, that millions long to discover to attract, create, and sustain the life of your dreams!

New Book Coming Soon

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Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald has a unique mission in life to help people awaken from the dream of forgetfulness and unite them with their joy, peace, purpose, and highest potential. Shannon weaves her life experience as a registered nurse, metaphysical healer, and transformational life coach in her premier book, Mastering Manifestation – 12 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

A devotee to uplifting and harmonizing the hearts of humanity and emissary for Higher Consciousness, Shannon relays messages of divine inspiration, love, hope, and healing in her books, events, and services. Her unique experience and abilities often help people reconnect with their hearts and heal in ways that are profound and unexpected. She offers private transformational life coaching, metaphysical healing and holds various healing events online and at her center in Ormond Beach, Florida.

When she’s not busy writing or healing the world, Shannon spends her time enjoying the beach, playing with her dog, practicing and teaching yoga, and riding motorcycles with her husband.

Shannon MacDonald - Author Books Mastering Manifestation

Transformational Life Coach

Shift to your authentic self so you can align with your joy, peace, purpose, and potential.

Vibrational Energy Healer

Elevate and harmonize your energetic body so you have the best opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Release stress, awaken to your higher awareness and connect with your bliss with this heart-opening practice.

Meditation Coach

Learn to meditate or take your practice to a deeper level. Bring more peace, calmness, and clarity to your life.

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