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Author, Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Healer
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Author, Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Healer
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New Earth Rising

New Earth Rising

$15.79eBook: $6.99

As politics and pandemics rise within the mainstream of global consciousness, We the People of Earth Realm Reality have been diverted from our natural origins and true inheritance of love, unity, peace, and prosperity. Fear and control-based information and programs, maliciously planted into the mainstream of our reality, have suffocated our free-thinking and stagnated our rightful progress. Throughout the ages, we have forgotten the truth of who we are. We have forgotten our inherent nature of Unity Consciousness, bestowed upon us from Life and Creation. We have forgotten our origins of Light and Love. This book will help you remember.



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Mastering Manifestation

Mastering Manifestation

$14.99eBook: $4.99


Mastering Manifestation is for anyone who is ready to break the barriers of fear and limitation and jump into your happiest life and highest potentials despite what the world looks like around you. You can become the awakened dreamer of your destiny vs. the blind follower of your fate. The Secret of Attraction Energy will show you the way. Discover the foundation for the Law of Attraction and how the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation can help you magnetize the life of your dreams.

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The No News Diet

The No News Diet

$6.99eBook: $2.99

A healthy diet doesn't just include the quantity and quality of food you put into your mouth—it also contains the ideas and information you put into your mind. Learn how to detoxify from the effects of informational overeating and reset your energetic microbiome to a happier, healthier, more hopeful place.

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How to Find Inner Peace (Free eBook)

How to Find Inner Peace (Free eBook)


Becoming present with your Inner Peace isn't about adding another thing to your to-do list. It is the most direct path to reconnect with your joy, purpose, and highest potential in life- for it speaks directly to your heart from the Wisdom Within. You just need to remember how!

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Shannon MacDonald

 Shannon MacDonald is a modern-day mystic messenger, author, healer, and emissary of The Light. She helps people awaken to the remembrance of truth, activate their healing, and raise their consciousness.

Shannon offers one-on-one Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions, Transformational Life Coaching, and Ascension Code Activations via video call and in-person at her Ormond Beach, Florida location She is the author of Mastering Manifestation and has a newly released channeled book called New Earth Rising, a best-selling new release on Amazon.

Shannon channels Higher Consciousness to help humanity shift from fear, illusion, and limitation-based 3D reality, into love, truth, and liberation-based 5D Unified Field Consciousness. Her latest book, New Earth Rising, brings relevant and timely channeled messages to the people of Earth for The Great Awakening and the liberation of human consciousness.

Shannon MacDonald - Author - Mastering Manifestation Book. Transformational Life Coach and Vibrational Energy Healer Ormond Beach Florida. Serving Greater Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, New Smyrna, Port Orange and St. Augustine

A devotee to uplifting and harmonizing the hearts of humanity, Shannon relays messages of divine inspiration, love, hope, and healing in her books, events, and services. She maintains a private practice in Florida, where she offers sessions in-person and remotely via video call. Her unique experience and abilities have helped thousands of people, over her 30-year career as a registered nurse and energy healer, reconnect with their hearts and heal in profound and unexpected ways. Shannon conducts various events that can be found on her website

Spiritual Healing + Reiki

Elevate and harmonize your energetic body so you have the best opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Transformational Life Guidance

A sacred space to share your insights and perceptions regarding your spiritual awakening so you can see your path more clearly.

Ascension Code Activativation

Activate dormant codes of consciousness to help you rise above fear and limitation and remember your true purpose. 

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