Awakening from the Dream and Remembering the Truth

Shannon MacDonald

Today is a powerful day to look within as you awaken from the dream and remember the Truth.

Humanity is waking up worldwide from the dream of forgetfulness. This dream has kept us deep asleep in the programs of conditioned awareness as we flip through the channels of distraction, fear, and illusion.

As we awaken from the dream of forgetfulness, we begin to remember the Truth. Not Truth as we are told to believe, but Truth as we KNOW it from deep within our cosmic consciousness. We turn our attention away from the programs of control and conditioning as we tune our hearts and mindful awareness to the Truth.

Truth is not something that can stay asleep within the dreams of humanity forever. It may lay dormant in our subconscious minds for days, years, or a lifetime, but it is always looking for a window to open within our Higher Awareness so It can remind us of just how powerful and connected we are.

As we collectively awaken, we stand together in our knowingness that we are One Human Race on this place we call Earth. As we awaken, our remembrance rises from the garden of our hearts as we water it with our attention and nourish it with our love. We begin to remember our true heritage as infinite and eternal beings that carry the spark of Divinity within.

As we look beyond the fear and control-based programs of society, we also remember the infinite potentials we hold. We question the things we used to think as we look beyond our beliefs and ask, “Is this true, and how do I know?”.

Once you begin to look beyond the programs, you will awaken to a state of unconditioned awareness. This is the place where your mind doesn’t fall for the programs any longer and your heart rises infinitely above the fear. As you rise in consciousness, you begin to see the world through the eyes of Infinite Awareness. You are liberated from the programs that tell you what to think and believe. You are set FREE!

Take some time to let this sink in. Then, take some time to sit quietly with yourself as you allow your mind to connect with your heart and Higher Awareness. The more you look within, the more you will remember the Love, Light, Beauty, and Truth of awakening from the dream and remembering the Truth.

If you would like to read more about The Great Remembrance and Liberation of Consciousness, pick up a copy of my book, New Earth Rising

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