Jessika Palombo

“I have such massive gratitude after attending Shannon’s Women’s Circle. I greatly appreciate her love, support, words, kindness and gentle spirit. I am truly grateful and am looking forward to sharing space and attending another Circle!”

Marisa Gilbert

“Where to even start …Shannon is a breath of fresh air. She welcomed my sister and I with open arms. Her energy is nothing short of amazing and she radiates positivity. We enjoyed our women’s circle so much and cannot wait to have another session with her....

Carley Golembeski

“I’ve done multiple different types of yoga, and nothing was quite like Shannon’s Kundalini class. From beginning to end, all of my life stressors escaped me, and I was able to enjoy total relaxation while still sneaking in exercise. I left the class mentally...

Amber Hadley

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shannon several times. Initially, I signed up for one of her kundalini yoga classes, first in person, then online. Next, I opted for a healing session. Both experiences were extremely satisfying and beneficial. Shannon has a...

Robert Auclair

“Shannon is an amazing Instructor. She is welcoming to all ability levels, gives great tips and is a warm, caring person. I’ve taken about a dozen classes now and I am hooked. The studio is very welcoming and I can’t wait to get back.”

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