Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Unfollow the Fear, Unplug from the Programs, Unsubcribe from the Propaganda

Learn how to discern truth in information.

A quick-read book for awakened living.

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This book is the revised and retitled version of The No News Diet.

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About the Book

Breaking Free literally helps you BREAK FREE from the optics all around us and awaken from the deep state of unconscious living.

Optics are everywhere. Much of the current information we are exposed to is laced with one-sided views, not supported in evidence, and designed to play off our emotions. This information is craftily loaded with fear, fallacy, and control-based agendas.

Don’t you deserve TRUTH in information and FREEDOM over fear?

It seems that everywhere we turn, we are told what and how to think, believe, act, and speak. Many have stopped questioning the narratives and just comply. Others are looking beyond the fear and are ready to reclaim their life, hope, and sanity from the grips of false narratives, fake news, and dark agendas.

We are in an information war. The prize is your mind, and the cost is your freedom.

Breaking Free invites you to question the narratives as you dig deeper and explore beyond the surface of mass media hypnosis and agendas of mind control.

Breaking Free teaches the reader how to evaluate their daily intake of information, while opening their minds to the possibility that the information they are absorbing may not be of the highest quality, or even be true. It plants the seeds to help you look beyond what you think you see or thought you knew, so your mind can be open to guidance from your higher awareness in partnership with your intellect.

This book is a “must have” if you:

  • Cherish a world that honors truth in information, facts over fallacy, and freedom over fear.
  • Refuse to be deceived, divided, distracted, and in the dark.
  • Are open to looking beyond what you think you see and thought you believed.
  • Crave real solutions, not endless chatter that only keeps us enraged and engaged in the programs.
  • Are ready for humanity to unify, heal, thrive, and prosper beyond the programs.

This quick-read book for awakened living is a treasure for anyone ready to change the channel of their awareness and see the love, light, beauty, and truth of reality waiting for them on the other side of fear.

Genre: Non Fiction
ISBN: 9798986236919
eBook Price: 7.99
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About the Author
Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald is a transformational author, spiritual medium, and registered nurse of 28 years. She devotes her life to being a vessel and a voice for higher realms of awareness and Divine Consciousness to help others awaken and heal. Her books, events, and services help people learn how to look beyond limiting beliefs, awaken dormant truth, and rise to their highest potentials. Shannon’s services include Spiritual Healing, Divine Feminine Life Guidance, and Ascension Code Activations at her center in Florida and internationally via video calls.


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