I Am She

I Am She

Beautiful color Illustrations with every affirmation. A keepsake book to gift or display!

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Positive & Empowering Affirmations for Women to Awaken and Celebrate the Divine Feminine and Sacred Heritage of the Goddess Within.

I Am She is the women’s affirmation book you have been waiting for! Beautiful full-color illustrations are lovingly paired with each divinely inspired affirmation.

This divine feminine women's affirmation book is a keepsake to cherish as it reminds you of your eternal beauty, infinite wisdom, and divine radiance.

Hardcover, paperback, and ebook options!

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About the Book

Hello Beautiful,

It’s time for women to rise in their remembrance and radiate the Light!

Every woman embodies the sacred heritage of the Goddess Within. Many of us are beginning to remember the love, light, beauty, and truth of who we are and celebrate the radiance of our Light.

As women, we are the face of grace and the body of the Divine. Collectively, we are the maidens, mothers, and crones who share the unified hearts for humanity to heal. We are sisters who walk the priestess path and radiate our Light to help others remember.

This powerful and divinely inspired women’s affirmation book with color illustrations is filled with sacred messages for women to remember and reclaim their Divine Feminine purpose, power, and highest potentials.

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Genres: Channeled Books, Non Fiction
Tags: Affirmations for Women, Recommended Books
ASIN: 1736510274
ISBN: 9781736510285
List Price: 16.99
eBook Price: 6.99
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