New Earth Rising

New Earth Rising

There is a war on consciousness and your awakening is needed.

As politics and pandemics rise within the mainstream of global consciousness, We the People of Earth Realm Reality have been diverted from our natural origins and true inheritance of love, unity, peace, and prosperity. Fear and control-based information and programs, maliciously planted into the mainstream of our reality, have suffocated our free-thinking and stagnated our rightful progress. Throughout the ages, we have forgotten the truth of who we are. We have forgotten our inherent nature of Unity Consciousness, bestowed upon us from Life and Creation. We have forgotten our origins of Light and Love. This book will help you remember.



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About the Book

There is a war on consciousness within Earth Realm reality. Unlike other wars fought on land, water, or sky, this war is fought on the battlefield of false programs and manipulated beliefs. Families, friends, societies, and countries divide, as fear and control-based agendas confuse our minds, steal our livelihoods, destroy our relationships, weaken our will, and harden our hearts.

The time has come for reparation. Right now, we have a choice. We can wake up to the power, peace, possibilities, and potential of Divine Illumination, or stay imprisoned in the shadows of darkness, fear, manipulation, and control. It is a decision many of us have already made in our hearts, yet may not consciously be aware.

The timeline for The Ascension of Earth Plane Reality has come to a crossroads. Humanity has been corrosively manipulated to develop beliefs and make choices against the natural order of Light and Love. They are slaves to their fears which have been artificially inserted within the collective consciousness of humankind.

Each of us holds the key to freedom and liberation. Many of us are too invested in the distraction of warfare to notice or even begin to understand what has happened. This is why action and words alone will not activate The Great Liberation. The liberation must come from The Light Within, which leads to the Illumination—The Ascension of consciousness, the return to the true timeline, and the rise of a New Earth Reality. The time for gradual Awakening has passed, and your service, along with the service of other Starseeds holding this Cosmic Consciousness is requested.

Channeled messages from benevolent beings and Higher Consciousness will help attune the reader to The Light, Love, Truth, and Beauty of Eternal Life and Infinite Creation. It will spark a deep remembrance of your true nature within a Unified and Loving Universe. This book contains vital Codes of Interactive Consciousness to help you awaken and transcend the dark order of fear-based agendas. It will elevate your awareness and help you remember what you may have forgot.

Genres: Channeled Books, Mind Body Soul, Non Fiction
Publisher: Ascension Publications
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781736510261
List Price: 15.79
eBook Price: $6.99
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About the Author
Shannon MacDonald

Shannon Macdonald is an author, transformational life coach, holistic healer, and emissary for Higher Consciousness based in Ormond Beach, Florida. A registered nurse for over 25 years and devotee to expanding and uplifting the consciousness of humanity, Shannon’s unique experience and abilities help others awaken to their peace, power, purpose, and potential through her books and transformational coaching and services.



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