New Earth Rising

New Earth Rising

A channeled book about the truth of Reality and Earth's Ascension to 5D

Would you love to know what the angelic realms and higher dimensional beings have to say about Earth's Ascension from 3D to 5D Reality? Have you wondered when or if Ascension will "happen," what it really means, and why it matters? Has our timeline for Ascension been tampered with? Will there be a Great Event of cosmic proportions in which humanity will harmonize and heal? The paradigm-shattering information in New Earth Rising has answers that may surprise and delight you!



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About the Book

In 2018, Shannon MacDonald began to receive detailed channeled transmissions about earth’s hidden history and cosmic origins from a benevolent non-physical multidimensional consciousness she knows as the Showers of The Light.

Humanity is experiencing immense barriers in accessing higher realms of existence as a War on Consciousness feeds our fear and uncertainty about the future. The transmissions in New Earth Rising give us information and instructions on how we can awaken dormant awareness about the true nature of Reality and break free from the false reality programs that are stealing our rightful inheritance of free will and conscious evolution.

You will be guided through a paradigm-shattering journey that uncovers how Earth Realm Reality has been corrupted, divided, distorted, and manipulated by dark forces that have controlled human consciousness for eons. But this is changing. The Great Awakening is a tidal wave of Enlightened Consciousness that cannot be stopped. Multidimensional benevolent beings are here to guide us through The Great Remembrance and Liberation of human consciousness. Suppressed information about the origins of Life and Creation, the fall of humanity, hijacked timelines, hybrid consciousness, false reality programs, and portals of higher awareness are just some of the mind-expanding topics to help break the damn of programmed beliefs and conditioned consciousness.

New Earth Rising is for all starseeds, lightworkers, mediums, mystics, truth keepers, and awakening souls ready to activate dormant abilities and remember their mission in our quantum shift to restore our timeline, recover our free will, and rise to a unified and harmonious New Earth Reality.

Each channeled message unlocks a deeper layer of existential knowingness to help liberate you from false reality programs and attune your vibration to Divine Codes of Consciousness. If you have been waiting to know what you are here to do or how you can help set the world right again, this book is a catalyst to help awaken a universal remembrance of your lost heritage and divine destiny.

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Genres: Channeled Books, Mind Body Soul, Non Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Ascension Publications
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781736510261
List Price: 18.88
eBook Price: 8.88
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About the Author
Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald is a bestselling author, metaphysical healer, and ascension guide. Her paradigm-shifting books, services, and events support spiritual awakening, enlightened living, and conscious creation. She is dedicated to helping humanity awaken dormant truth and rise above the paradigm of programmed beliefs and fear-based realities to support the Ascension of human consciousness. A Reiki Master and Registered Nurse for over 25 years, Shannon offers Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing to support higher healing and spiritual harmony for mind, body, and soul.

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