The Other Side of Ascension

The Other Side of Ascension

Sequel to New Earth Rising!

I am currently in the process of writing The Other Side of Ascension, the sequel to my Amazon best-selling new release, New Earth Rising.

The channeled transmissions in New Earth Rising brought paradigm-shifting information for humanity to consider regarding the War on Consciousness, Earth's hijacked timeline, the Codes of Awakening, and rising to a New Earth Reality.  As humanity approaches The Great Liberation and Ascension to 5D New Earth Consciousness, The Other Side of Ascension continues with vital questions for humanity to consider and new information to absorb to help Earth Realm Reality rise to the other side of Ascension.



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About the Book

Benevolent beings from higher dimensional realities and angelic realms continue to assist humanity to remember the truth of who we are, and what we can do to awaken and transcend the dark order of fear and control-based agendas. As humanity approaches The Great Liberation and Ascension to New Earth Consciousness, what’s next?

Channeled transmissions from higher dimensional realities and beings of The Light are here to help us remember and reclaim the true timeline for Earth Realm Reality. As the War on Consciousness prevails, more are awakening. The programs of fear and enslavement consciousness are breaking. We are growing strong in our remembrance as we recover our inner vision,  higher knowing, and the truth of who we are.

But still, there are questions that many seek to be answered.

  • What is Ascension, and is it a choice?
  • Is there something we must do before we shift to New Earth 5D Consciousness?
  • What questions must humanity carefully consider about our current state of consciousness, and what must happen before rising to New Earth Reality?
  • Can our reality have more than one timeline?
  • How do we rise to a unified, loving, harmonious earth when all we see around us appears to be otherwise?
  • Why do some people feel hopeful while others only envision doom and gloom for the future?

Find out the answers to these questions and so much more in my upcoming book, The Other Side of Ascension. You will be delighted to find out what higher dimensional realms and benevolent beings of The Light have to say about Ascension and the future of Earth Realm Reality.

About the Author
Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald is a bestselling author, metaphysical healer, and ascension guide. Her paradigm-shifting books, services, and events support spiritual awakening, enlightened living, and conscious creation. She is dedicated to helping humanity awaken dormant truth and rise above the paradigm of programmed beliefs and fear-based realities to support the Ascension of human consciousness. A Reiki Master and Registered Nurse for over 25 years, Shannon offers Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing to support higher healing and spiritual harmony for mind, body, and soul.

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