Awakening from the Dream of Forgetfulness – As Viewed, So Appears

Awakening from the Dream of Forgetfulness – As Viewed, So Appears

Are We Living in a Dream?

What would you say if I told you that you are living in a dream? This dream holds infinite opportunities for you to experience a captive or liberated life. Not only that, your dream contains everything you believe and paints it into the canvas of your reality. Wherever your predominant attention goes, the dream keeps creating more of the same — more fear, lack, and limitation, or more love, abundance, and liberation.

As Viewed, So Appears

Does this sound a little “woo woo”? Let’s take a step back just for a moment as we reflect on a Buddhist saying, “As Viewed, So Appears.”

Let me begin by saying I don’t know much about Buddhism. I just know that when I found this saying, As Viewed, So Appears, I had to learn more. It resembles an expression from my book, Mastering Manifestation, which is, “As You Believe, So You Perceive.” So, when I found this Buddhist saying (or I should say it found me), it stirred something deep inside of me, and I was driven to learn more.

In my book, Mastering Manifestation, I write about how we are all products of a lifetime of beliefs, which have been carefully and craftily molded into our reality. From education, media, politics, and religion we are taught, told, and persuaded to believe a certain way. Don’t think this is true? Turn on the TV and watch a few commercials. How many of those commercials are from drug companies telling you that you need a pill to make you happier, healthier, or more active? You may be surprised when you start paying attention to this.

Conversely, how many commercials talk about how your daily intake of healthy food and positive information, regular exercise, managing your stress, and monitoring your awareness are foundational steps to a healthier life? None, of course, because who would pay for those?

Who Are You Really?

As we are continually bombarded with agendas that control and influence almost every aspect of society, our beliefs are easily programmed. We often forget that our true nature is a divine and limitless expression of Source. Our individual expressions and highest destiny become thwarted by fear and limitation-based beliefs, which keep us asleep in the dream of forgetfulness.

What does this have to do with As Viewed, So Appears? My short answer is Everything! Hopefully, a longer explanation will provide a fundamental understanding of this powerful saying as I see it.

Let’s step into the room of quantum physics just for a moment. I promise it won’t be for long, but it is important to write about it here.

Are We All One?

My non-technical understanding of the quantum universe is that it holds every possibility, potential, and reality as reflected within the observation of the observer. The Universe is not separate from us; it is us. We are the collective dreamers within the one Universal Mind of Life and Creation. As Viewed, So Appears magnetizes the experiences of our reality.

You are the dreamer and the dream and the experience in between.

As we believe, so we see, is an integral process of Imagination Creation. When our thoughts and beliefs are predominately supercharged with the energy of love, hope, peace, prosperity, and positivity, our lives tend to magnetize more experiences that reflect those qualities. When our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are predominately focused on the energy of fear, hopelessness, limitation, judgment, and negativity, our lives seem to spiral into a negative feedback loop of our own projections.

We become what we focus on from one moment to the next.

How we believe and perceive leads the way to awaken and liberate from the programs or staying asleep in the dream of forgetfulness. If you want to know more about Imagination Creation and the dream of forgetfulness, see my book, Mastering Manifestation. My latest book, New Earth Rising, also speaks to The Great Awakening and The Great Liberation of humanity.

What’s Your Dream?

How do you wish to dream within your great dream of life? We are all here to explore and experience the wonders and lessons this physical form offers. Do you desire to be happier, healthier, more peaceful, and prosperous? Do you wish to have more clarity or find more meaning and purpose in your life?

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

As your predominant energy flows between the infinite expanse of vibrations between the energy of love or fear, you have endless opportunities to shift your primary awareness. We all have opportunities to follow our highest guidance and awaken from the dream of forgetfulness. We also have just as many chances to stay asleep.

As our world is undergoing a state of unprecedented chaos and destruction, many people are choosing to shift their awareness from the limiting forces of fear that are programmed within society. More are remembering their true nature of love and unity consciousness. They begin to flow within the stream of truth and the ocean of Oneness.

Focus not on what you see, but how you want your world to be.

Within the yin is also the yang. Those who dream the world from the eyes of fear, separation, lack, and limitation continue to project the observations of their reality. They remain stuck in a loop of more of the same. Their lives reflect what they dream as their beliefs stay focused on the illusions within the energy of fear. This is not to pass judgment; this is just reality as I see it. I will emphasize that this applies to your primary and predominant awareness, not transitory feelings such as anger, sadness, regret, or hopelessness. We’re human and we all have circumstances that can bring us down or break our hearts. It’s how we rise from our own ashes of devastation that determines how we decide to dream our next dream.

Let’s Dream Together!

As we wake up to the truth of reality and look beyond the programs of fear and limiting beliefs, we rise in our awareness while unifying our hearts. We essentially are dreaming the dream of liberation of consciousness and ascension for all of humanity!

The ascension of our consciousness relies on how we decide to believe and therefore perceive our reality. There is always room for others to think and perceive differently. The great experience in life gives us opportunities to exercise our free will to stay asleep or wake up from the dream. As We Believe, We Perceive becomes synonymous with As Viewed, So Appears.

My great dream for humanity is for us to choose our beliefs wisely and guide them with an open mind and loving heart.

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With much love dear dreamer,

What to Expect During a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with Me

What to Expect During a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with Me

shannon macdonald, healing sessions + reiki in person, ormond beach, fl

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Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions are offered in-person in Ormond Beach, FL, and internationally via video call.

shannon macdonald, healing sessions + reiki in person, ormond beach, fl

Schedule Your Healing Session Today!

Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions are offered in-person in Ormond Beach, FL, and internationally via video call.

How Can We Move Beyond the Pandemic and the Programs that Rule It and You?

How Can We Move Beyond the Pandemic and the Programs that Rule It and You?

The Great Reset from a Spiritual Perspective

The Great Reset from a Spiritual Perspective

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Reiki vs Spiritual Healing and What is Best for You?

Reiki vs Spiritual Healing and What is Best for You?

Reiki vs Spiritual Healing—Are They Different?

People often ask me about the differences between Reiki and Spiritual Healing and if I provide Reiki treatments during my healing sessions. As a Spiritual Healer who has been formally trained in Reiki, this article will provide some basic insight on the differences and commonalities between Reiki and Spiritual Healing to help you choose which is best for you.

What are Reiki and Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing and Reiki are two types of holistic healing practices often used interchangeably under the broad category of energy healing. They both help reduce stress and promote relaxation, lead you to a happier and healthier state of mind, and help activate the body’s self-healing potential to create positive and lasting change. They both channel the higher energies of Divine Consciousness. This Higher Consciousness, which I also refer to as Source Energy, is something in which we are intimately connected and is our true nature.

You may have heard of other types of energy healing such as Qigong, Healing Touch, Vibrational Energy Healing, Reconnective Healing, and Quantum Healing. The list goes on, so I won’t attempt to name them all. The origins vary, and so does the training. The important thing to know is that all types of energy healing are beneficial. They can be an excellent addition to complement your current healthcare practice.

The Common Thread Between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Reiki and Spiritual Healing share a common thread to utilize the body as a vessel for Source Energy to help harmonize and heal yourself and others. This, in turn, often improves emotional, physical, and mental health and wellbeing. While Reiki and Spiritual Healing share common outcomes, their origins are rooted in different teachings and techniques. They are both considered spiritually guided Life Force Energy.

     Reiki: Origins and Training

Usui Reiki originated from Japan in the early 1900s. The tradition and methods, however, are much older, dating back to thousands of years. Many consider Usui Reiki the most commonly practiced form of Reiki. A student of Reiki learns the teachings and techniques via a master level Reiki teacher. The energy of Reiki is passed on from teacher to student via “attunement.”

A traditional Reiki therapist or “purist” will work with rituals and sacred symbols when treating others. It involves the “laying of hands” in a specific and systematic fashion to help harmonize and balance the client’s energetic body to help facilitate healing. This is how I learned Reiki in 2003 when I was attuned to the Usui tradition. There have been many evolutions in teaching and new branches of Reiki since I received my training and attunement, so I can’t speak to all of them.

     Spiritual Healing: Origins and Training

Spiritual Healing has been practiced since ancient times. It is rooted in mystic traditions and teachings from various cultures and religions. If you do a quick internet search, you will find countless descriptions, practices, and techniques for Spiritual Healing and its origins. As an example, shamanic healers are considered spiritual healers.

Unlike Reiki, spiritual healers do not use symbols during healing sessions or require attunements during training. Similar to Reiki, spiritual healing is spiritually guided life force energy, and there are many branches and avenues to practice and learn.

Some spiritual healers like myself will combine their various training and experience to incorporate multiple energy healing modalities into their healing practice. I have found this to be less formal and restrictive. This allows me to be intuitively guided by Source Energy so I can be a vessel for my client’s highest healing.

Spiritual Healing: About Religion and Mediumship

Some spiritual healing practitioners, referred to as spiritualists, are associated with religious organizations. Spiritualists are mediums who utilize the forces and energies from God as they are channeled through the spirit world to help people with their healing process. Others, like myself, believe spiritual healing is not dependent on an intermediary (person in spirit) for healing to occur. While I am not opposed to help from benevolent beings in spirit, I prefer going directly to Source. I believe we all have the ability to directly connect and commune with Divine Consciousness without an intermediary to be a vessel for healing. This, however, is a personal preference. Many spiritual healers prefer to work through the spirit world, and I honor that choice.

     Reiki and Spiritual Healing: A Whole Person Approach to Healing

Reiki and Spiritual Healing treat the whole person as they help balance and harmonize the client’s energy field. This includes mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Many spiritual healers and reiki practitioners also work by distance. This means the client does not need to be in the same physical location as the practitioner to receive the benefits of the session. Results often include feelings of deep peace and relaxation, improved clarity for problems or making decisions, and physical or emotional healing. Repots of miraculous outcomes are not uncommon.

What’s Better, Reiki or Spiritual Healing?

One may ask, what is better, Reiki or Spiritual Healing? I don’t believe one modality is better than another—they are both spiritually guided. There are as many flavors, styles, and beliefs of energy healing practices as there are practitioners. An energy healing practitioner will practice the healing modality that suits them the best so they can offer the optimal experience and outcomes for their clients. I think most spiritual healers and reiki healers would agree that they work with the energy of light and love and are guided by a divine Higher Consciousness. I feel blessed to have received training in Reiki, Healing Touch, and Reconnective Healing. These have all helped me deepen and expand my practice as a spiritual healer who is intuitively guided by the Divine Within.

On a final note, one must consider that the energy of Reiki, Spiritual Healing, or any other energy healing modality is not something that was just created one day. Energy is ever existent. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed—only converted from one form of energy to another. So, consider this fact regardless of what you may hear or read about the origins of any energy healing modality. I also urge you to do your own research. Just like people, politics, and religion, there are many branches from the original source. Pay attention to your own inner guidance. You will know which one is best for you by how it makes you feel.

Schedule a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with Me

A Spiritual Healing + Reiki  Session with me will give you the benefits of Reiki and Spiritual Healing. If you schedule your healing session in person in my center in Ormond Beach, Florida, you will have the opportunity to lie back in a recliner as you enjoy your session. See click on the following link if you would like to read about What to Expect During a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session.

My sessions are non-touch, but they have been described as a therapeutic massage for the soul! My clients are often surprised at how much better they feel mentally and physically after just one session. One of my clients suffering from depression and anxiety told me it felt like an “energetic reboot”, and that life felt more hopeful again.

Over the years I have seen unexplained recovery and improvement from people who have suffered for years from chronic illness and injuries. I never make promises, but I do know that the body is designed to heal. It has an innate ability to do so given the proper conditions. Spiritual Healing + Reiki is one of the ingredients in the recipe of your lifestyle to help you feel whole again.

If you don’t live in my area, that’s not a problem. The healing energies work just as well via distant healing sessions. Click on the button below to learn more and to schedule a session for yourself or someone you love.

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From Powerless to Powerful | A Woman’s Story of Self-Worth

From Powerless to Powerful | A Woman’s Story of Self-Worth

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