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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I bring to a Women's Circle, Yoga, or Meditation Class?

Women’s Circles: We will be sitting on the floor, but I also have chairs if you prefer. If you have a meditation pillow to sit on, I suggest bringing it. I have several blankets to sit on as well. Here is the meditation pillow I use. It’s a great investment for your spiritual practice.

Yoga Classes: Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, light blanket for deep relaxation, and props if needed. I have plenty of chairs if you prefer to be seated.

If you don’t have a yoga mat, don’t worry, I have a few extra!

Yoga Nidra Classes: Bring the same items as above. Optional additional items include a pillow and eye mask.

Guided Meditation Classes: Please bring a yoga mat and/or meditation pillow and dress in layers for your comfort. If you prefer to sit in a chair I have plenty!

What You Need to Know Before Coming to a Class or Event

Classes and events will start at the designated time. Please plan on arriving 15 – 20 minutes ahead of time to select your space and set up if necessary.

All classes and events are pre-paid. No drop-ins or admission at the door. If you plan on attending in person, please get your ticket early as space is limited.

There is a possibility I will audio/ video record your class or event and may take some photos. Audio or video recording or photographs of classes or events by attendees is not permitted.

Refund Policy

Classes, Workshops, and Events
Please note that pre-paid tickets for classes, workshops, and events are designed to be used only for the date and time of the class or event, and are non-transferable and non-refundable.