Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing

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Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing

Supporting Higher Healing and Spiritual Harmony for Mind, Body & Soul

Reiki Reimagined…

If your current Reiki or Spiritual Healing Services have left you feeling like something is missing, you could be right. Not because they aren’t effective, but because YOU may need something more to support your awakening awareness and align with your highest healing potential.

The Pull Between Paradigms

If you have been feeling discouraged or disconnected from life, I promise that you are not alone. You may be feeling the pull between paradigms. One in which fear and limiting beliefs rule society and run your life, and the other where you KNOW you are more. Something may feel off as you toggle between two realities.

Shannon MacDonald, transformational author, metaphysical healer, reiki master

What is Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing?

Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing is a whole-person approach to help your mind, body, and soul align with your highest healing and infinite potentials. Distant healing sessions provide a Soul-to-Soul connection to help you harmonize with the organizing frequencies of Higher Consciousness to support optimal healing and spiritual awakening. Sessions promote greater peace, clarity, and vitality to help you see your life and the world through a new paradigm of higher awareness. This life-transforming Quantum Connection can help release energetic blocks, awaken dormant abilities, and transform disempowering patterns that may be keeping you from experiencing your most vital, authentic, empowered life.

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Life challenges and Earth realities can keep us in a state of disempowerment, discomfort, and dis-ease. We often look outside of ourselves for healing and peace.

What Do You Need to Heal?

A common theme among my clients is the desire to feel happy and whole again. They want to heal from the root cause of their imbalances and not just take another pill to mask their symptoms. They are tired of feeling stuck and alone in their healing journey. Some have not been happy or healthy for decades. Does any of this sound familiar?

Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing- Reiki re-imagioned- with Shannon MacDonald
Reclaim to the Universe You are Ready to Heal!
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 Quantum Energy Healing

A Bridge to New Realities

The stress of everyday life, past trauma, destructive habits or lifestyles, habitual fear-based thinking, and limiting beliefs all play a role in how your mind, body, and emotions interacts with the world. The longer one ignores the need to harmonize and heal from the root cause of the imbalance or dis-ease, the greater the chances for the imbalance to persist and grow more destructive to your health and your life.

Healing doesn’t just happen. Well, it can, but you are the one who must first decide if you really want it to. No one can do it for you. I am just the messenger for your healing. You are the cure. No pill, surgery, diet, relationship, job, therapy session, or amount of money is going to make you feel whole and complete.

You are a Divine Being Who is Whole, Healed & Complete

Beyond the physical, you, is the eternal you, flowing within the Quantum Consciousness of infinite possibilities and limitless potentials.

Current Earth Realm Realities keep us hypnotized in a paradigm of believing we are limited, and that our potentials rely on what we do, and not how we think, believe, and feel. The more we awaken we remember the truth of who we are and become in alignment with our highest healing potentials.

Divine Align Quantum Healing and Your Current Medical Care

You may have tried everything from traditional to holistic medicine and feel frustrated and like your getting nowhere. I get it. I was a Registered Nurse for 28 years and have seen the holes in our current system. Divine Align Quantum Healing is not a replacement for your current medical care, it works in complement to help balance out what may be missing.

I am not here to convince you, I am here to offer you an option to take the next step toward a New Paradigm of Higher Healing!

Shannon MacDonald, transformational author, quantum healer, ascension guide

Divine Align Quantum Energy Healing for Optimal Wellness

Your body already knows how to heal. A Divine Align Quantum Healing Session is a whole-person approach to healing. It helps bring your mind and body to a higher energetic resonance, which provides optimal healing conditions.

Healing is optimized when you remember you are already whole, healed, and complete. I just help you tap into this knowingness from an energetic level to help you vibrationally harmonize and align so your body, and your life can do what it is designed to do, and that is to heal. 

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Quantum Healing with Shannon MacDonald

Distance Healing Sessions

Enjoy your Quantum Energy Healing Session in the privacy of your home or wherever you may be from anywhere in the world.

Quantum Healing with Shannon MacDonald

1:1 Healing Sessions

Schedule your Quantum Energy Healing Session in person. Currently booking 1:1 in-person appointments in September 2023.

Divine Align Quantum Healing Subscription

I will soon be announcing my Divine Align Healing Subscription Service. Subscribers will receive remote group Healing Sessions on the same day every week. Sessions will provide ongoing attunement and vibrational harmonization with HIgher Consciousness to help support your healing and align with New Earth realities.

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Quantum Energy Healing Events

Experience the harmonizing energy of Quantum Healing in a group setting. Visit my Events Page for my next Quantum Healing Event.