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Messages from the Universe

Throughout history, people have accessed their Inner Wisdom and Higher Knowing through Channeling, an innate ability we all have. As a Channel and Emissary of the Light, my Channeling Events provide profound truth, inspirational messages, and loving support for those who attend with an open mind and receptive heart.

Messages of love, healing, unity, and peace radiate energetically through my body as well as my voice. The harmonizing energy is known to open the awareness of attendees to their true nature, one of Inner Peace and Higher Knowing. It is common for the energy of the room to palpably shift to an elevated state of love and unity as attendees in-person and online experience the harmonious vibrations and messages of the Divine Universe.

Channeling is:

  • Thinking beyond thoughts
  • Knowing beyond mind
  • Speaking the Love and Truth of the Divine Universe
  • Radiating the vibrational energy of Divine Healing

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