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HEAL For Real™ Events

Shift to a Higher Place of Healing

During this experiential event, I will guide you through a heart-opening meditation and transmit Vibrational Energy Healing to all who attend. As you bask in the energy of harmonizing love, it is common to feel the energy within yourself and the room shift to a higher state of peace, harmony, and wellbeing.

Many people who attend my Healing Events leave feeling transformed and refreshed in mind and body. The experience opened a deep remembrance of healing, love, and acceptance within themselves that is often beyond description. One must experience it to be able to know it.

If you are attending Online, be assured that distance is not a deterrent for energy. You can experience the same sense of well-being as those in person.

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  • Harmonize within your deepest peace.
  • Elevate to your highest knowing.
  • Awaken your innate healing potential.
  • Liberate from false evidence appearing real or FEAR.

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VibrationAL Energy Healing Sessions

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