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Manifesting Miracles for 2021 and Beyond

Unlocking the Door to Your Dreams

Making New Year’s Resolutions, setting goals, and making intentions is a great start when it comes to identifying the things you wish to have, do, or achieve. What setting goals or making intentions doesn’t do is tell you is how to realize your dreams by using the power of your imagination and the energy of your highest emotions.

This class will help you begin to explore possibilities and potentials that may be hiding within you, and how to unlock your highest and best outcomes through your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. The Universe always says “yes” to your predominant energy. Once you learn this simple process, you will never set a goal or make an intention the same way again!

Join me and my husband, Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium as we teach from our collective experiences of manifesting miracles in our lives.

Four Keys to Manifest Miracles in Your Life

  • Imagination is creation and your life is the playground.
  • Your predominant energy attracts outcomes in life.
  • Believing is seeing.
  • Dreaming is doing.

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