How Can We Move Beyond the Pandemic and the Programs that Rule It and You?

Shannon MacDonald

Disclaimer: In all due respect, if you are someone who is tethered to the mainstream news (i.e., CNN, FOX, M.S.N.B.C.) or relies on their “information” from mainstream social media (i.e., F.B., Instagram, YouTube), then this article may not be for you. While it is not my intention, it may offend you. On the other hand, if you are open to peering beyond the curtain of universal social programming, then maybe this article will help unleash a deep inner knowingness that what you see or hear isn’t as it appears to be, and that your life and our world could be so much better.

I recently flew back home, from Oregon to Florida, after visiting my daughter and grandsons. I was desperately missing my grandsons and feeling the magnetizing pull of their sweet little voices, grubby hands, and hearty hugs. You may be thinking, flying in the middle of a pandemic? For a social visit? Wasn’t I afraid to travel during such a time, especially with the new “variant”? Without getting into any science, (manipulated or real, which I won’t address here), my short answer is “NO.” I was not afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid that I might get sick? Afraid that I might get someone else sick when I am not? Afraid that I might die? Or afraid because the programing of mainstream media and politics have told me to be afraid?

This is where I will say, if you have had a knee-jerk reaction about my perceived callousness or supposed ignorance, I invite you to read on at your own volition.

First of all, I will say I made it home safe and without any hiccups other than my complete disdain for masks that have no proven effects other than hypoxia, bacterial pneumonia, and fear. With that said, I am always grateful for whatever chance I have to unite with my family. I am grateful for another day on this beautiful earth that carries and supports us. I am thankful every day I can honor my Creator and send love to those who suffer from illness, tragedy, and loss. Please understand I am not saying that many people aren’t sick and dying every day from sort of illness, whether that is Covid related or otherwise. My heart is full of love and compassion for every person who suffers emotionally, mentally, and physically. I feel sorrow for the families who have lost loved ones, yet I also know there is a bigger plan and a much brighter picture than what we are told to see and programmed to believe. I also refuse to alter my quality of life, or my God-given human rights to the programs of fear, control, and manipulation. I choose to fully and completely live until I die. I see so many people choosing to do otherwise and it saddens me that they are so heavily invested in the agendas I will be discussing below.

By now, you may be thinking she’s a Covid denier, a nutcase, or maybe she has something else to say. Something you may not have considered. Hmmm. Interested?

I am a Nurse and Proud of it!

First, my brief backstory. I have been an actively employed registered nurse for 28 years. In fact, I just retired from nursing last year, so I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to illness, tragedy, and death. I’ve also been around long enough to see how the medical mafia establishment gives no room for effective therapies or treatments other than those that make the pharmaceutical companies billions.

I know that vaccines were originally created to prevent illness and stop the transmission of disease. I know it is helpful to isolate the sick to prevent transmission of contagious illness and practice good hand hygiene without overdoing hand sanitizers which only hurts your natural immunity. Speaking of natural immunity, I know we have one, and it works pretty well for most people if we take care of it. I know that natural immunity is always better and usually lasts longer than artificial immunity. I don’t have to be a nurse to know not to cough or sneeze without covering my mouth.

One of my biggest takeaways from nursing school was that I must always remember to scrutinize doctors’ orders and do my own research regarding drug interactions, dosages, allergies, health history, and co-morbidities. It was drilled into me if I didn’t do those things, and didn’t carefully examine the doctor’s orders, then what is the difference between me and a trained monkey? I’ve been through other pandemics before, such as SARS and Swine Flu, but those pandemics didn’t go on with no end in sight (because they were allowed to run their natural course). I wrote a comprehensive pandemic policy when I worked as a Corporate Quality Control Nurse for an Assisted Living Company. The research I did to write that policy was something I hoped and believed would never have to be used. At the time, I thought the policy was overkill. It was hard even to imagine ever needing to pull it out of the binder. Unfortunately, it had to be used, but I’m happy it was available, and it was used to help guide the facilities through a time of unknown and unforeseen circumstances.

Moving Beyond the Programs

So, this article is about moving beyond the pandemic and the programs that rule it. You may be thinking, what does she mean, or how can she insinuate the pandemic is being manipulated or steered by a program? Whenever I turn on the TV, the radio, or even scroll through my social media, all I see and hear is how bad things are, and how afraid I should be. Bingo! Fear is the program, and your consciousness is the receiver and believer of the paradigm for social programming.

Fear is the true virus, and it infects our minds with false beliefs and manipulated realities. It trickles into our thoughts as we are programmed to believe that blind, unquestioned obedience is courageous and helpful. Blaming and shaming, and in some cases, even violence is used for the “greater good,” all to perpetuate the programming.

Don’t think this is true? Turn on your TV right now to any news station. What do you see? Is the ticker ticking for how many Covid cases have erupted overnight? Is the broadcaster telling you how dangerous the new variant is, and that you need to be a good little citizen and go get tested even if you have no symptoms, or go get injected with an unknown, and largely untested, gene modifying substance in order to help you stay alive and safe? Oh, the best part is that it doesn’t really protect you from getting the virus or keep you from spreading it. Hmmmm, interesting. But please don’t question anything, just do what you’re told to do, and be an obedient citizen.

What about your social media? Have you noticed more and more of your favorite health sites that give you tips on how to support your natural God-given immunity have suddenly disappeared? Have you read the disparaging articles and smear campaigns on reputable doctors, scientists, and freedom fighters who simply want to help you see beyond the narrative that the mainstream media controls? Have you noticed that unless you believe and obey the narrative, you will be shut down, de-platformed, and discredited, and that that differing opinions on social media, or really anywhere in society, are no longer accepted or allowed? Maybe you believe the campaigns that ruin livelihoods and restrict your rights to know truth, which is just on the other side of fear. If you are still reading this article, I hope, that just maybe, you might reconsider that what you are being force-fed on mainstream media is not really in your best interest or the best interest of humanity.

The War on Consciousness

While we are being divided and distracted, there is a war on human consciousness occurring planet-wide. Ultimately, that is what all of this is about. The destructive powers of disinformation divide friends, families, and society in the worst of ways. Polite conversations about differing opinions have become a thing of the past. Citizens who stand for truth, transparency, and freedom are the victims of terrible hate speech and crimes. The very people who perpetrate these offenses are often the ones who refuse to look beyond their own limiting beliefs and hijacked compassion. Their concern for equality and regulation has morphed into a raging monster of anger, blame, and shame, and it’s aimed at anyone who dares to have their own opinions. Anyone who questions the propaganda and sketchy science, loves freedom, and reveres truth and justice becomes a target of this anger, blame, and shame game. If you want to know more about the war on consciousness and how we can create a new earth based on the premise of love, truth, and unity, you may like my latest channeled book, called New Earth Rising.

The Fragmentation of Fear

As humanity becomes fragmented, centralized, and controlled through the programs of fear, some are easily convinced that more regulations are the answer. True science doesn’t seem to matter or be acknowledged as it is shadow banned or deleted on the internet and replaced with whatever the fear masters want us to see and believe. The “new truth” becomes whatever the government and media say it is.

When we rely only on what we are taught or told to believe, we become disengaged from our higher knowing and intuition. The actual truth is often dismissed as a conspiracy theory from some tin foil hat wearer. As we continue to surrender our personal freedoms and beliefs to the rule of medical tyranny, we have been made to behave as if “No Lives Matter” anymore. This is a result of the power of control and manipulation, which have done their job well in order to convince us of just that! As we become more fragmented, apathetic, and more fearful, our innate ability to connect with each other and our higher consciousness is suffocated. We obstruct our own evolution. We obstruct our ascension as multidimensional spiritual beings as we descend to lower realms of false fear-based beliefs. In essence, we become our own worst enemies. Worse yet, we are paving the road for future generations never to know what the words freedom, justice, truth, equality, progress, and the pursuit of happiness really mean.

Peering Beyond the Fear

If fear, under the guise of a virus, is the real pathway used for widespread thought control, then what is the antidote? How can you look beyond what you think you see and believe you know, when so many of your friends, family, and peers are still caught in the forced paradigms of a false fear-based reality? You may ask how you can break free from the programs, and you may want to know what is there to support you on your journey of awakening? Please note, I said awakening, also known as awakened, NOT woke. There is a BIG difference.

Awake vs. Woke

Being “awake” or “awakened” is a spiritual reference that has been around for ages. It represents an ideology of remembering our true nature as eternal beings of light, love, and unity. It is inclusive and compassionate in nature. It represents free will, justice, harmony, and equality. It honors transparency, culture, and rightful progress. It’s used to describe those who have opened their eyes from the slumber that kept them from knowing they are already part of Divinity, and not separated from it in any way. It can be quite shocking to “wake up” to the reality of what has been going on right before your eyes when you did not see it before. After you begin to wake up, it’s hard to understand how others can’t see what you see, or know that we are being misled by dark forces of control and corruption. Many of these “forces” are the very establishments we were taught to cherish. Becoming awake is very much like the saying, “I was blind, but now I see.” Once someone has awakened, there is no going back to sleep.

The term “woke” is a nefarious tool recently deployed in the “cancel culture” movement. It has no spiritual meaning at all, yet it is a highly virulent catchphrase meant to mislead the minds of the masses, including those whose eyes are just beginning to open. This deceptive word is used like a bugle cry, in order to rally the troops down the road of unwavering obedience and separatism for the purpose of order and control. It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing intentionally meant to confuse unsuspecting minds, so it can devour their free-thinking, imprison their beliefs, and fuel their hatred for anything or anyone who disagrees with their socially engineered ideals. The ideology of being “woke” is to divide, shame, blame, cancel, and conquer. Many people have fallen under the spell of “wokism” without really knowing what it represents or how divisive and destructive it is to our society and the future of humanity. The cancel culture of “wokism” is pervasively destroying our human rights, livelihoods, heritage, freedom, safety, and families. It hides under the name of social justice, which is not justice at all, but tyranny.

Why the Mainstream Media Should be Avoided

The hallmark of mainstream news is disempowering social programming, that is engineered to polarize our minds and keep us fighting over false agendas and limiting beliefs. It is decisively negative, excludes, weakens, and separates – hence N.E.W.S. This doesn’t mean to turn a blind eye, or to pretend the world is not experiencing the greatest crisis known to modern humankind. It does mean paying attention to where your awareness goes. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. If your energy follows the fear, you will magnetize and become more of the same. This is a basic premise of The Law of Attraction and also the Secret of Attraction Energy which I explain in detail in my book Mastering Manifestation. There is a way to the world of your greatest dreams and a path to conscious creation. You just need to know how! Your words are your wand, and your energy radiates the magnetic qualities that charges the power of infinite potential and possibilities within you.

Beyond the News

Once you have allowed yourself to become open to another point of view, there are countless options for positive information, versus negative news. In my books, The No News Diet and Mastering Manifestation, I go into this in detail. The short version is to steer your attention and your predominant energy away from the fear that permeates all forms of media, social and otherwise. It also means politely disengaging with people who take their daily dose of mainstream news as gospel. Notice I did not say get rid of those people in your life. You be the judge on how much time and energy you have to put into those relationships if they mean that much to you. As you unfollow the fear, you unfollow the programing of imprisonment and mind control. This is not always an easy thing to do. My first suggestion is to stop watching and engaging with all mainstream news, period. I have several tips and practical exercises in my books mentioned above to help get the ball rolling.

What to Do Next

This article provides basic information regarding how to move beyond the pandemic and the programs that rule us. If you want to know more, I encourage you to do your own research. It’s time we all do that. I will politely suggest when you do your research, don’t use the mainstream search engines such as Google. Avoid using YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as your sources of research. Not only have they been compromised, they are highly censored and often place misinformation at the top of your searches. I use Duck Duck Go, but there are a few others that also help protect your privacy and give you more honest results. Of course, you still must be discerning about ALL information regardless of the source. The best thing I suggest is to check references and see if the studies or information referenced are actually from a valid source and not just something made up or bogus. As part of your research, you should also look into who funded the study, or who funded the collection of data you are researching. It’s truly the fox watching the henhouse, and the fox just reported that it researched the other fox, and all is fine. What you might have considered as “highly reputable” sources or publications, stations, or sites, often get their information from those who funded the very thing you are researching. Independent research is rarely used, because it usually doesn’t help their point, nor serve their agendas. It’s also important to determine how the information sits with you or makes you feel. If you get a gut feeling that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t. Go deeper, check more. Most of all, be open to new ideas and information, especially those promoting freedom, peace, unity, transparency, justice, and equality. If you think cancel culture, social justice, limiting freedom, or promoting hate, shame, blame, and division for certain groups of people is necessary for “the greater good,” then I can only ask for you to question your beliefs. Ask if they are true, or if you simply believe them because someone taught or told you to do so. Maybe you are so tied to your beliefs that you are unwilling to entertain the idea that there may be better ones or more accurate ones.

Most of us who have woken up have had to change our beliefs to some extent. I promise you it hasn’t been easy. We’ve had to put our egos in check and acknowledge that maybe we had it wrong before. It’s ok to evaluate your beliefs. It’s ok to change them when your eyes have opened to the truth. Again, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is necessary in order for us to collectively heal and evolve as a society. This pandemic will run its natural course once we remember our true nature and rise together in our love, unity, and collective consciousness. WE THE PEOPLE are the antidote to the programming of fear, once we reconnect with our inner wisdom and Higher Consciousness. WE are saviors of our collective destiny. Follow love, not fear. True healing is found here.

If you are struggling with your spiritual awakening process or just need someone to help you navigate the waters of awakening, maybe a Clarity Consultation or Spiritual Healing Session will help.

All my love and highest healing,


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