Mastering Manifestation – 12 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Shannon MacDonald

You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams!

You have heard about the Great Awakening, right? But now what? Do you feel like you may have missed a step or didn’t get the memo? Do you wonder how becoming “awakened” can help you live a life filled with joy, peace, prosperity, and purpose when so many things around you appear otherwise?

My latest book, Mastering Manifestation can help guide you on the journey to conscious creation as you wake up from the dream of forgetfulness and listen to the song of your soul. It will show you that your energy, beliefs, and imagination are just as important as your actions when it comes to magnetizing your dreams into reality.

As you begin to remember the beauty and truth of who you are as a conscious creator, you embody the ‘Secret of Attraction Energy’ revealed in the book. You remember your mastery and limitless potential as you discover how to shift limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns, and predominant energy from stagnation to creation. You remember that your life is sacred, and your happiness matters.

Are You Searching for Answers for a Better Life?

I wrote this book to help people just like you and me. People who are searching for answers for a better, happier more fulfilled life, yet haven’t found the formula to help them reach their dreams. This book will give you the answers, or better yet, the energy. The Secret of Attraction Energy is your greatest asset in magnetizing your heart’s desires.

Maybe you think you haven’t had the time, training, money, or tools to dare to dream. Maybe you have put your dreams in the closet while you wait for other people or circumstances to change. Don’t let other people, outside circumstances, or self-doubt dictate your dreams or stifle your imagination. What you have been searching for or felt was missing is right here, right now. There is a proven, reproducible method to help you become the awakened dreamer of your destiny instead of the blind follower of your fate. It’s time to wake up and stop hitting snooze! Once you awaken, you remember that life is filled with infinite wonder and endless possibilities, and there is no going back to sleep.

What can Mastering Manifestation do for you?


Awaken dormant dreams and unfulfilled potentials and discover how to shift the energy of your thoughts, raise the energy of your emotions, and transform limiting beliefs. Learn how your predominant energy is a powerful contributor to manifestation.


Learn how to identify and transform energetic blocks and shift your magnetic qualities to attract and create what you want in life with the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation. Practical exercises to easily apply the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation to everyday life.


Discover the two things that hold the Master Key to unlock joy and unlimited possibility and potential in your life.
Gain the information and tools that millions long to discover to attract, create, and sustain the life of your dreams!

Get Your Copy of Mastering Manifestation Today!

Mastering-Manifestation-Book-Shannon-MacDonald-Florida-Self-Help-AuthorOK, I am definitely not a salesperson, but I know that this book can help you. Not to sound cheesy, but I am a big believer in things always happening for a reason. We are all here to awaken within our collective dream of remembrance. This remembrance carries the seeds of conscious creation. We all carry the seeds of dreams within us. We don’t always know to nourish those seeds with our loving attention. Mastering Manifestation will show you how. It will help you shift your predominant energy from stagnation to creation and awaken dormant dreams within you.

If you are already living the life of your dreams, then maybe this blog is a reminder that there is someone else you can help. Forward this post, or send them a copy of the book. Each of us has the ability to radiate our inner light so others may see. Together we unite, together we awaken, together we magnetize and create the life of our dreams, the one we were born to live!

All my love dear dreamer! Now go shine your light! 🙂


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Shannon MacDonald is a Transformational Life Coach, Vibrational Energy Healer, and Author based in Ormond Beach, Florida. She writes books to break the barriers of fear and limitation to help others magnetize their happiest life and rise to their infinite potential.

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Divinity speaks within the silence of your heart, the acceptance of your mind, and the truth of the Universe.

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