Mastering Manifestation: 12 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life of Your Dreams

by | May 14, 2021 | Good Vibes, Must Read Books, Spiritual Awakening

Do You Live the Life of Your Dreams or Just Dream of the Life You Wish You Could Live?

Maybe you think you haven’t had the time, training, money, or tools to dare to dream. Maybe you have put your dreams in the closet while you wait for other people or circumstances to change. Mastering Manifestation doesn’t require extra time, money, or special circumstances to help you live your best life. You just need to be open to following the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation.

I wrote Mastering Manifestation to help people find the formula for a better, happier, more fulfilled life that many Law of Attraction books don’t address. Mastering Manifestation gives you the winning formula for lasting positive transformation with The Secret of Attraction Energy.

mastering manifestation by author, shannon macdonald

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