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The No News Diet: Detox From Information Overload

Are you suffering from the effects of negative news and information overload? The No News Diet will help you discover how to detox from the effects of fear and control-based NEWS in your life.

Downloads From Divinity – Messages From The Universe

Downloads from Divinity are Messages of love, truth, and guidance to help you remember your purpose and realign with the Divine Universal Light. For all starseeds, seekers of truth, and followers of the Light.

Whats the Difference Between a Life Coach Wellness Coach and Transformation Coach- Feature Image

The Difference Between a Life Coach, Wellness Coach, & Transformation Coach

Compare services: Life Coach, Wellness Coach, and Transformation Coach. Discover the best Life Coach to help you connect with your joy, purpose, peace, and highest potential.

Recent News for Enlightened Living

The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

A channeled message from the Heart of the Universe to the hearts of humanity. A cosmic transmission to help you see clearly thought the forest of misperception and know the Divine Answer to all questions.

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Evolve, Heal

Expand beyond belief and awaken to the Truth within.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Explore how to unite with deep peace, higher awareness, & divine bliss.

From Divinity

Channeled Messages of love and wisdom from Higher Consciousness.

Good Vibes

Ride the waves of passion and positivity. Feel good here!

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Guided Meditations & Inspirational Videos for Enlightened Living

Make the Shift & Feel Hopeful Again. Your Life is a Living Prayer!

You have the ability to return to peace and reunite with a life that is filled with joy and inspiration. Find out how in this inspirational video.

Coronavirus and Social Distancing: How to stay positive & connected.

As we continue with the separation and isolation due to Covid-19, it is more important than ever to stay connected with each other.

Together We Unite. Together We Heal. Guided Meditation.

Allow yourself to vibrate within the sound current of this healing mantra. It will help bring you to a higher state of awareness and healing energy of the Divine within.

Raise Your Vibration – Guided Meditation for Ascension for 2021 and Beyond

Join me for a special guided meditation to help you feel  peaceful and move beyond fear as we elevate to a state of joy, unity, hope, and healing. 

Daily Meditation is the Cure!  

Join me before a private transformational life coaching session where I explain how I stay peaceful and happy with daily meditation and how you can too!

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