Returning to Normal – Your Spiritual Awakening Matters!

Shannon MacDonald

We have all hoped by now that the world would have returned to normal. Many of us have been holding on by a thread only to have our hopes crushed with perpetual news of horrific worldly events, corrupt media, and unethical leaders in all areas. Where does it stop, and when does normal return? When will we be free to move, breathe, act, choose, and think again? Will friends and families reunite and heal after this war on sovereignty, human rights, and freedom of choice has ended, or will we divide and fall?

The choice to reunite and heal is at our disposal. We have an opportunity to rise above the chaos and confusion. We have the potential to transcend the programs of fear and illusion and see beyond our current beliefs. As we open our minds and look beyond what we think we know, we begin to see the world as it really is. A new clarity arises out of the darkness into the Light of our own inner awareness. We begin to awaken from within.

What is Awakening?

The truth about awakening is that it is not all gumdrops and lollipops. Awakening means you are staring the truth of “what is” straight in the eyes, and you may not like what you see. You may recoil in silent anguish and inner disgust. What you did not notice yesterday was standing right in front of you all along. You were just asleep, and your true vision was blocked. You were programmed not to see the obvious.

Don’t worry; this is how awakening happens for many of us. As we awaken, we go through various levels of mourning what used to be, or how we thought things were. It may start with anger or denial. That’s a normal part of the process before accepting the fact that the world is not what we thought it was. Some people will prefer to stay asleep and comfortably numb; the process of awakening may be too painful to face. Awakening must happen organically and can never be forced.

Once you have awakened and your eyes have opened, there is no going back to sleep. You begin to see the world as it really is. You don’t understand why others aren’t open to obvious facts or can’t see diabolic agendas. You may still feel angry, confused, or in denial that such corrupt and evil schemes exist. This, too, is a normal part of the awakening process. When all you’ve ever known turns upside down, you may not know which way is up anymore, or how to navigate the waters of illusion. Friends and family who are still under the influence of fear and mass manipulation may no longer understand your sudden change of focus. Allow grace for yourself and others during these trying times. Just because you have a new perspective on the world doesn’t mean they will see things as you do— or that they want to.

As your inner vision strengthens, so does your resolve to know the truth and radiate the Light of your awakened awareness. What you may have believed just yesterday might make you question your beliefs today. This is a necessary part of the process of awakening. You are learning how to see beyond the programs deeply embedded in our society from all forms of media, education, politics, religion, and people.

As you learn to see with renewed clarity, like-minded travelers on the road of awakening will begin to join you on your journey. You will know them by how they make you feel and how they seem to have an inner radiance and higher perspective. Maybe like you, these are the people who were once in the grips of fear and limitation and have stepped out of the darkness into the Light. They are the courageous warriors who stand for truth, justice, transparency, accountability, rightful progress, liberty, and freedom. These are the people who hold harmony in their hearts and unity in their minds. They also see beyond the programs and are questioning the narrative. And like you, they may feel angry, lost, confused, and alone for seeing the truth for the first time. Welcome them with open arms and a knowing smile. They are your fellow bringers of the Light.

A New Normal?

Will our world return to normal? I hope not. The normal we used to see was an illusion of freedom and sovereignty cleverly disguised in a package of fear, manipulation, and control. Everyone talks about the “new normal,” but they fail to understand what it means. A new normal restricts and, in many cases, prohibits freedom of speech, choice, actions, and thought. It enslaves the true and rightful progress of humanity.

I stand for a new earth. Countless others do as well, so you are not alone. A new earth is rising from the ashes of darkness, deceit, and despair. A new earth restores our world to its rightful heritage and true timeline. A new earth in which all of humankind unites as they stand strong and courageous, holding the candle of their awakened awareness as they remember that Light always overcomes the darkness. Join me here in your heart and higher knowingness. Reach out with your enlightened consciousness. Allow your inner spiritual warrior of love, Light, and truth to lead the way to this war on consciousness.

Winning the War

We can only win the war over darkness and the freedom for humanity when we are unified in the Light. When you feel lost, alone, angry, or confused about how the world appears to be, just remember to look beyond what you think you see. Look through the eyes of your soul as you connect to the beauty of the truth and the radiance of the Light. If what you think is truth points you toward shame, blame, hate, violence, or blind obedience to the narrative, then look again—and question more. Dig deeper and unfollow the fear. Drop the need to be right in order to satisfy your ego. Allow your higher awareness to be your guide as you learn to look at the world with fresh eyes and listen to the programs with clear ears.

Know that you are loved, supported, and guided through our connecting consciousness with each other and with the Light. We will rise to a new earth together, but we must first be united in our hearts, minds, words, actions, intentions, knowingness, and love. Look beyond your beliefs and remember that your spiritual awakening matters. United we stand and divided we fall. Let’s stand together! Let’s radiate our love to bring Light to the darkness.

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