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When you work with me, you never have to feel alone or unsure. I am here to guide, support and encourage you every step of the way. Whether you schedule a Vibrational Energy Healing Session, Transformational Life Coaching, or just want to learn how to meditate, you will know that you have come to the right place.
There is a remembrance deep inside of you that longs to move beyond indecision, fear, or limitation and reconnect with your joy, purpose, and clarity. As your personal guide to your journey within, I will help you remember you hold the key to total transformation, self-actualization, and living the life of your dreams.


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Make the shift to your authentic self and align with your joy, peace, power, purpose, and highest potential.
Feel clear and calm and have an expanded sense of wellbeing and hope for the future.
Experience profound energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.


Free yourself from false evidence appearing real or FEAR and flip the switch from fear to FREEDOM.
Release destructive or limiting habits or behaviors and build new healthier ways of being and coping.
Unlock the door to your dreams, desires, and life purpose with courage and clarity.
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I offer three unique opportunities to work with me one-on-one to help you make the shift to your deepest peace and highest healing. Click each service below to learn more and schedule your sessions.

One-on-One Sessions Available In-Person & Zoom Video

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Transformational Life Coaching Program

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Vibrational Energy Healing Sessions

Transformational Life Coaching Sessions with Shannon MacDonald
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Transformational Life Coaching

HEAL for Real™ Coaching Program

Is it time to proclaim to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to live your happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled life? The life that makes you realize you are your own superhero as you harness and radiate your joy, peace, power, purpose, and potential in everything you do?

If you are ready to embrace your superpowers within, and learn how to magnetize the life of your dreams, Transformational Life Coaching will jumpstart your journey to Harmonize, Elevate, Awaken, and Liberate (HEAL) for real!

We will dive deep within your energetic and emotional patterns and belief systems that may be preventing you from moving beyond repeating cycles of self-judgment, self-denial, limitation, and fear. You will learn to reimagine your story and focus on your state of being rather than doing. You will learn to listen to the love and wisdom within your heart as you begin to honor your sacred path and journey towards the destination of your dreams.

If you are tired of doing what you have always done and getting the same results, my Transformational Life Coaching Program is designed to help you make a lasting shift to your total transformation! Sessions are available in-person at The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach, Florida & over Zoom Video connecting with you worldwide.


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Vibrational Energy Healing

Initial + Follow-up Personalized Sessions

Did you know that the energetic frequency of your body can affect your health, happiness, and vitality? Disharmony will appear in your energy field long before disease or illness becomes evident. It is commonly known that positive thoughts, emotions, and meditation can change your vibration, but did you know that your energetic frequency can be tuned to a higher vibration by someone who holds the energy and intention for you?

Everything emits a frequency. The frequencies of lower energy, such as fear, pain, hopelessness, anger, and regret, can be quite depleting and destructive to your system. As a Vibrational Energy Healer and Reiki Master, I help you raise your frequency to give your body the best opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Adding Vibrational Energy Healing to your wellness plan is a wonderful way to bridge your traditional medical care with an ancient and often overlooked practice. Sessions are available in-person at The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach, Florida & over Zoom Video connecting with you worldwide.

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Transformational Life Coaching at The Wellness Collective in Ormond Beach Florida with Holistic Healer Shannon MacDonald
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Meditation Coaching

60-Minute PERSONALIZED Sessions

Not ready to go all-in on Transformational Life Coaching? No problem! My Meditation Coaching Sessions are designed to help you learn to meditate or bring your current meditation practice to a higher level.

Meditation is not one size fits all. During your Meditation Coaching Session, you will discover your unique ways to access and reconnect with your inner peace. Your personalized session will help ease you into the process of becoming present within yourself and will provide you with a blueprint for going forward with your own successful meditation practice.

Bring more peace, calmness, and clarity in your daily life through the practice of meditation. Meditation is something you can easily learn to do, and is something that can truly transform your life for the better! Sessions are available in-person at The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach, Florida & over Zoom Video connecting with you worldwide.

“Shannon is truly a divine spirit in the world, her heart is pure and she is a healer for mind, body and spirit. If I could, I would give her 10 stars. I highly recommend a session with her.”

Summer Bowman

“From the moment I met Shannon, I felt good energy coming from her. My session with her was an incredible experience which gave me guidance to my healing.”

Tatiana Mixan

“Shannon has a generous, kind and calming spirit and after our session I immediately felt an inner peace. But it didn’t end there, Shannon emailed me suggestions, links to YouTube yoga and breathing channels, meditations, positive affirmations and rituals to incorporate into my daily life, and gentle reminders to help me connect with my peace.”

Marybeth Boyle

“I knew I needed meditation in my life, but I was at a loss to start a practice. Shannon was a wonderful teacher, giving me tools and resources to get me going. The afterglow from that session lasted a week. I would recommend Shannon for anyone interested in meditation but who may need some guidance. I will be returning to see her!”

Diane Swan

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Clear Some Things Up

What is Vibrational Energy Healing?
Vibrational healing is a non-touch, holistic approach that harmonizes and elevates the energetic frequencies within your body.

As a Vibrational Healer, I help your body to better align, raise, and maintain these vibrational frequencies, which results in an overall improvement to your well-being.

How does Vibrational Healing Fit in With My Traditional Medical Care?
Vibrational Healing is not meant to replace your traditional or conventional medical care. It may be used as a complementary service in addition to whatever medical care you currently utilize. It is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider for health conditions, questions, or concerns. Never delay or disregard professional medical advice.
What Can I Expect During an Initial Vibrational Healing Session?
What to Expect In Person
Just as no two people are alike, no two Vibrational Healing Sessions are entirely the same. During your first visit, we will sit and get to know each other before we start your Healing Session. Don’t worry; you will have plenty of time to ask me questions! Common elements include initial conversation, guided meditation, discussion about your current spiritual practices, healing time, post discussion and or reflection, teaching, and suggestions to deepen your healing and spiritual practice further. Be assured that our conversations are kept private and treated with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, and compassion.

Vibrational Healing Sessions are non-touch. Your healing time will be on a recliner chair in my office. You will be fully clothed with the option to remove your shoes if you wish.

What to Expect Over Video Call
If you choose your Vibrational Healing Session to be held remotely via video call, you can expect the same experience as In-Person Sessions in the comfort of your own home. Vibrational Healing Sessions held remotely via video call are just as effective as those held in person. Many of my clients choose distance Vibrational Healing Sessions due to living outside of my area. You also have the advantage of enjoying your distance session without having to travel.

What Can I Expect During a Follow-up Vibrational Healing Session?
Your Follow-up Vibrational Healing Session will be shorter than your Initial Session. Now that we have gotten to know each other, your Follow-up Vibrational Healing Session will primarily focus on your healing time. There will still be time for questions and reflection. Remember that your healing is my happiness!
Why Should I Consider Follow-up Vibrational Energy Healing Sessions?
It is typical for a client’s vibration or state of awareness to immediately shift to a higher state during their Initial Vibrational Healing Session. I frequently hear reports of feeling as if a weight has been lifted from their hearts as their minds begin to see things more clearly. They leave the Session filled with a greater sense of hope, clarity, and optimism for long-term transformation. This is a wonderful start, but after a while, old patterns and prior energetic frequencies may begin to sift in creating an imbalance in the mind, body, or emotions.

While one session may be all you want or need, Follow-up Vibrational Healing Sessions help keep your energy tuned to a higher frequency so you can maintain your vibration and expand into the you that you dream of being.

What is a Transformational Life Coach?
A Transformational Life Coach helps you uncover and release your patterns of energy, thought, and emotions that are holding you back, so you can discover how to live your most authentic and empowered life.

Our Sessions examine and reinforce the concept of being ok with where you are now, as you learn to reimagine your story and focus on your state of being, rather than doing.

Transformational Life Coaching is about bringing your life into a state of grace, as you powerfully proclaim who you choose to be, and how you choose to live.

What Can I Expect During Transformational Life Coaching Sessions?
Whether your Transformational Life Coaching Session is held in person or via a video call, we will spend some time on your first visit getting to know each other. You will have a chance to discuss what you are seeking to change or become in your life, as well as your current and past patterns.

While your past is part of your story, we will primarily focus on the present going forward, and how you can begin magnetizing the life you are meant to live. Transformational Life Coaching is about learning to love yourself for who you are now, and how to see yourself in the light of your radiance! This often releases deliciously delicate, yet unexpected emotions and epiphanies. Be assured that our conversations are kept private, and treated with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, and compassion.

Is Transformational Life Coaching the Same as Counseling or Therapy?
While Transformational Life Coaching Sessions can feel therapeutic, they are not counseling or therapy and are not a replacement for professional medical or mental health services.
Why Should I Learn to Meditate?
Learning to meditate and having it become a daily practice is the single most important action you can take in your life to raise your vibration. You hear all the time about good vibes, right? Good vibes mean great life! Seriously! I could go on endlessly about the benefits of meditation, but I think you have probably heard many of them. Just know that meditation may not be what you think it is.

Anything you do that brings you to a state of higher awareness as you are immersed in the present moment could be considered meditation. I would love to help you discover your own way to meditate and change your life for the better! When you listen within, the answers to your most pressing and intimate questions become as clear as a bright sunny day.

What is your Refund/Cancellation policy?
Meditation Coaching & Healing Sessions
If you need to cancel your session, you may request a refund for your prepaid session within 48 hours of your appointment date/time. Due to my scheduling, refunds will not be given for cancellations made within 48 hours of your appointment time. I will do my best to accommodate a reasonable timeline to reschedule your appointment.

Classes, Workshops, and Events
Please note that pre-paid tickets for classes, workshops, and events are designed to be used only for the date and time of the class or event, and are non-refundable.

If you are working with me through a mentorship program, the terms of cancellation or refund will be expressed on your application.

“You become how you feel from one moment to the next.”

Shannon MacDonald
Wellness Collective

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Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

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