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Whether you schedule a Spiritual Healing Session, Transformational Life Coaching, or a Clarity Consultation you will know that you have come to the right place. I am here to hold the space for you to feel empowered, heard, and valued.

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I offer three unique opportunities to work with me one-on-one to help you make the shift to your deepest peace and highest healing. Click each service below to learn more and schedule your sessions.

One-on-One Sessions Available In-Person & Zoom Video

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Spiritual Healing

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Clarity Consultation

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Spiritual Healing

Initial + Follow-up Personalized Sessions

Spiritual healing and Reiki are terms that are often used interchangeably under the broad category of energy healing. I have vast experience and training in various types of energy healing— including Reiki, Healing Touch, and Reconnective Healing. This has all collectively helped fine-tune my abilities as a Spiritual Healer so I may provide my clients with the best healing experience possible.

A Spiritual Healing Session with me is a peaceful and relaxing experience. Sessions are known to bring deep relaxation, calm racing minds, and increase clarity. They also help activate and accelerate the client’s healing potential—often beyond belief or expectations.

Adding Spiritual Healing to your wellness plan is a wonderful addition to traditional medical care. It can be a welcome service for chronic health conditions, to help alleviate pain and suffering at the end of life, or anytime you need to recalibrate your wellbeing.

Spiritual Healing Sessions are available in-person in Ormond Beach, Florida & remotely online over Zoom Video connecting with you worldwide.

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Transformational Life Coaching Sessions with Shannon MacDonald
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Clarity Consultation

Have a Better Understanding of Yourself

Do you need more clarity about your life? Do you find yourself wondering about your purpose or how you can make better choices, move beyond disempowering patterns, fearful thinking, and limiting beliefs? A Clarity Consultation is an exploratory dialog that will provide insight for how to have a better understanding of yourself and see your life in a brighter light. This is a recommended prelude to my Transformational Life Coaching Program.

Our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, choices, and predominant energy collectively shape our life. As we become aware of how our future can be influenced by the energy of our present moments, we can have more clarity in all areas of our life.

My book Mastering Manifestation is a recommended read to help give you the tools to apply practical information and exercises to support your consultation.

Clarity Consultations are available in-person in Ormond Beach, Florida, and remotely over Zoom Video connecting with you worldwide.


Transformational Life Coaching at The Wellness Collective in Ormond Beach Florida with Holistic Healer Shannon MacDonald
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Transformational Life Coaching

Heal for Real™ Coaching Program

Is it time to proclaim to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to live your happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled life? The life that makes you realize you are your own superhero as you harness and radiate your joy, peace, power, purpose, and potential in everything you do?

If you are ready to embrace your superpowers within, and learn how to magnetize the life of your dreams, Transformational Life Coaching will jumpstart your journey to Harmonize, Elevate, Awaken, and Liberate (HEAL) for real!

We will dive deep within your energetic and emotional patterns and belief systems that may be preventing you from moving beyond repeating cycles of self-judgment, self-denial, limitation, and fear. You will learn to reimagine your story and focus on your state of being rather than doing. You will learn to listen to the love and wisdom within your heart as you begin to honor your sacred path and journey towards the destination of your dreams.

If you are tired of doing what you have always done and getting the same results, my Transformational Life Coaching Program is designed to help you make a lasting shift to your total transformation! Sessions are available in-person in Ormond Beach, Florida & remotely over Zoom Video connecting with you worldwide.

This program is currently full. Please consider scheduling a Clarity Consultation

Contact Me and I will place you on my waitlist.

Want to Know More?

“Shannon is truly a divine spirit in the world, her heart is pure and she is a healer for mind, body and spirit. If I could, I would give her 10 stars. I highly recommend a session with her.”

Summer Bowman

“From the moment I met Shannon, I felt good energy coming from her. My session with her was an incredible experience which gave me guidance to my healing.”

Tatiana Mixan

“Shannon has a generous, kind and calming spirit and after our session I immediately felt an inner peace. But it didn’t end there, Shannon emailed me suggestions, links to YouTube yoga and breathing channels, meditations, positive affirmations and rituals to incorporate into my daily life, and gentle reminders to help me connect with my peace.”

Marybeth Boyle

“I knew I needed meditation in my life, but I was at a loss to start a practice. Shannon was a wonderful teacher, giving me tools and resources to get me going. The afterglow from that session lasted a week. I would recommend Shannon for anyone interested in meditation but who may need some guidance. I will be returning to see her!”

Diane Swan
“You become how you feel from one moment to the next.”

Shannon MacDonald
Wellness Collective

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1437 N US Highway 1
Suite C8
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

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