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 Spiritual Energy Healing + Reiki

Ascension Code Activation

Divine Feminine Life Guidance

I have 3 Signature Services to help Awaken Your Divine Radiance.

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Spiritual Energy Healing + Reiki

Divine Feminine Life Guidance

Ascension Code Activation

Serving The Greater Daytona Beach, FL Area and Worldwide via Video Call

Each service provides a unique opportunity to help you reconnect with your peace, awaken your awareness, magnetize your best life, and activate your healing.

 I am here to hold a sacred space for you to feel safe, empowered, heard, and valued.

Your Healing Matters!

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Spiritual Healing + Reiki

 Private Sessions are offered In-Person in Ormond Beach, Florida, or Remotely Via Zoom Video

Harmonize Your Energy and Heal Your Life!

Treat yourself to a spa day for the Soul! Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions are a wonderful opportunity to give some much-deserved time and attention to you! Healing sessions are non-touch, yet they are known to provide a profound sense of relaxation as your clear your mind and soak in the peaceful presence of harmonizing energy. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of focus, chronic stress, sleep disturbances, or chronic pain, this service is an excellent addition to your traditional medical care.

Spiritual Healing- Reiki Session with Shannon MacDonald
shannon macdonald, spiritual energy healer, reiki master, divine feminine life guide, ormond beach, daytona beach, fl
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Divine Feminine Life Guidance

Private Sessions are offered In-Person in Ormond Beach, Florida, or Remotely Via Zoom Video

For Women Ready to Rise and Reclaim their Peace, Power, Purpose, and Highest Potentials!

Divine Feminine Life Guidance offers a Soul-to-Soul Connection where intuitive insight, practical guidance, and self-empowering strategies help awakening women make POSITIVE and LASTING TRANSFORMATION.

My book, Mastering Manifestation is a recommended read to help give you the tools to apply practical information and heart-opening exercises to support your Session.

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Ascension Code Activation

 Private Sessions are offered in-person in Ormond Beach, Florida, and Remotely Via Zoom Video

As Mentioned in My Book, New Earth Rising.

An Ascension Code Activation helps activate dormant codes of consciousness that may be keeping you from discovering your true meaning and purpose, and actualizing your Starseed mission in this life. These sessions are known to bring an energetic remembrance of the Truth of who you are as you become vibrationally aligned with Source Energy. A new sense of elevated awareness can help you awaken to your Divine Destiny.

An Ascension Code Activation is something that calls to you from deep within your knowingness. If you can’t decide or are unsure, I suggest starting with a Spiritual Healing + Reiki or Divine Feminine Life Guidance Session.

shannon macdonald ascension code activation spiritual healer, author, reiki master, ormond beach, fl

“Shannon is truly a divine spirit in the world, her heart is pure and she is a healer for mind, body and spirit. If I could, I would give her 10 stars. I highly recommend a session with her.”

Summer Bowman

“From the moment I met Shannon, I felt good energy coming from her. My session with her was an incredible experience which gave me guidance to my healing.”

Tatiana Mixan

“Shannon has a generous, kind and calming spirit and after our session I immediately felt an inner peace. But it didn’t end there, Shannon emailed me suggestions, links to YouTube yoga and breathing channels, meditations, positive affirmations and rituals to incorporate into my daily life, and gentle reminders to help me connect with my peace.”

Marybeth Boyle

“I knew I needed meditation in my life, but I was at a loss to start a practice. Shannon was a wonderful teacher, giving me tools and resources to get me going. The afterglow from that session lasted a week. I would recommend Shannon for anyone interested in meditation but who may need some guidance. I will be returning to see her!”

Diane Swan
“You become how you feel from one moment to the next.”

Shannon MacDonald
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