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Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald

Healer, Author, Transformational Life Coach

Private Healing Sessions offered in Ormond Beach, Florida, or via video call worldwide.

About my healing services

Spiritual Healing and Reiki are terms that are often used interchangeably under the umbrella of energy healing. They both channel universal life force energy. My  Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions are my signature service to be a channel for the harmonious flow of life force energy to help activate your healing.

As a healer and channel for Higher Consciousness, I combine the best of my experience and training in various types of energy healing— including Reiki, Healing Touch, and Reconnective Healing. This has all collectively helped fine-tune my abilities as a Spiritual Healer so I may provide my clients with the best healing experience possible.

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If you are in the Daytona Beach, Florida area, Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions are facilitated at The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach.

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You may enjoy your Healing Session in the privacy of your home via video call. Don’t worry, remote sessions are just as effective as in person.

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What Do You Need to Heal?

Most of my clients seek me out while searching for a Reiki healer. They are looking for clarity, purpose, and balance in their lives. They have an interest in healing from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain, suffering, and dis-ease as well as a desire to heal from the root cause of their imbalances in life. They are tired of feeling stuck and alone in their journey towards wholeness. Some have not been happy or healthy for decades.

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What’s Preventing You from Healing?

Many of my clients are beginning to look beyond the veil of fear and limitation that has been holding them hostage. Worry, stress, limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness, fear, lack of resources or support, or the lingering effects of past trauma have kept them imprisoned in their feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Many of these clients intuitively know that prolonged states of excessive worry, constant stress, or destructive life patterns and choices have contributed to physical imbalances and chronic health conditions that their traditional medical care is not equipped to properly help them with.

It’s not uncommon for my services to be sought out after years of avoiding the root cause of their illness, chronic health conditions, or life imbalances, and they are now ready to proclaim to the Universe they are ready to heal.

What’s Missing in Your Life?

My clients usually come to me because they feel something is not right or is missing in their lives. They are searching for the  “ingredient” that has been eluding them and preventing them from feeling happy, whole, and free. They desire to have more clarity and step into their power to make better life choices for their health and wellbeing. My healing sessions help them remember that the lost ingredient is right where they left it, which, is inside of them. All it needs is to be remembered.

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What to Expect During a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session

Whether you choose your session in-person or online, a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with me is usually described as a peaceful and deeply relaxing experience. My clients are often pleasantly surprised by how rejuvenated and relaxed they feel after a session. Reports of increased clarity and a sense of renewed hope are common. Sessions are known to help activate and accelerate the client’s healing potential—often beyond belief or expectations. I invite you to read this article if you would like to know more.

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Guided Meditation Online and Transformational Life Coaching Program in Ormond Beach Florida with Shannon MacDonald

Spiritual Healing + Reiki –

A Bridge to Your Total Transformation!

The stress of everyday life, past trauma, destructive habits or lifestyles, habitual fear-based thinking, and limiting beliefs all play a role in how our mind, body, and emotions interact with the world. The longer one ignores the need to harmonize and heal from the root cause of the imbalance or dis-ease, the greater the chances for the imbalance to persist and grow more destructive to your health and your life.

Healing doesn’t just happen. Well, it can, but you are the one who must first decide if you really want it to. No one can do it for you. I am just the messenger for your healing. You are the cure. No pill, surgery, diet, relationship, job, therapy session, or amount of money is going to make you feel whole and complete.


Spiritual Healing + Reiki for Optimal Healing!

Your body already knows how to heal. A Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with me will help bring your mind and body to a higher energetic resonance, which provides optimal healing conditions physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Healing begins with you remembering you are already whole, healed, and complete. I just help you remember from an energetic level that perfect state of vibrational harmony so your body and your life can do what it is designed to do, and that is to radiate The Light within you. Healing, harmony, and wholeness is your true nature!


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Schedule Your Session in Person

If you are in the Greater Daytona Beach, Florida area, I offer private Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions in person at my office in Ormond Beach.

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Schedule Your Session via Video Call

You may enjoy your Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session  in the privacy of your home via video call. Don’t worry, remote sessions are just as effective as in person.

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