Make the Shift & Feel Hopeful Again: Your Life is a Living Prayer

Make the Shift & Feel Hopeful Again: Your Life is a Living Prayer

Making the Shift to a Happier, More Hopeful You

If you have been feeling like the stress of what is going on around you and in the world has you feeling hopeless, helpless, lost, angry, and confused, you are not alone.

The weight of world events and all the changes we are going through individually and collectively may feel as though nothing will ever be good or the same again.

You may find yourself mourning for a life that you never fully appreciated until it changed.

I would like to assure you that there is a way to make the shift and feel hopeful again.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

You have the ability to feel hopeful even when things around you do not appear to give you a reason to do so. You can return to peace and reunite with a life that is filled with hope, joy, inspiration, and meaning.

It’s no accident you found me here. This video is just the beginning of a transformation that has been calling for you to awaken.

The signs of spiritual awakening are all around you. Maybe you have been seeing the signs but have been ignoring them. Maybe you don’t think it is possible to feel happy and hopeful when the world seems to be otherwise.

Now is the time for you to start paying attention to the subtle signs that are calling you to awaken. The signs of spiritual awakening help guide you to what you can do to feel better today, and stop putting it off till tomorrow.

There is no time like the present to make your shift! I will be right here with you, holding your energetic hand as we breathe and feel peace.

Yes, You Can!

You can do this! If you need more than a video to help you reset to a more hopeful, happier place, please reach out and take a look at some of my services. I am here to help you deepen your peace and reconnect with your hope, happiness, and healing.

Check out my Spiritual Healing Sessions. My services are offered in-person in my office in Ormond Beach, Florida, the Daytona Beach Area, and online via video call from anywhere.

Schedule your appointment and make your shift today!

Communicating with Your Higher Self

Communicating with Your Higher Self

I recently held a class called Learning to Communicate with Your Higher Self. The participants who attended all came for various reasons, but the common theme was to feel a greater sense of peace, purpose, and connection to their own Divinity.

We live in a world that continually bombards us with unwelcome or unsolicited outside influences every step of our day. This comes in many forms, such as other people’s opinions and beliefs, TV, social media, newspapers, books, magazines, etc.

My clients and students often come to help re-discover their inner peace and reconnect with their divine potential in life. Within this sacred space of unconditional love, the Higher Self is patiently and silently calling them from the unseen and often forgotten world of Inner Peace and answers within.

Finding the Answers Within

Would you like to learn how to find the answers to your innermost questions about your purpose in life and how to achieve your deepest desires?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you have an unlimited resource of divinely inspired guidance and information to help you navigate happily, successfully, and abundantly through this life?

How exciting would it be to learn how to interact with your wise and trustworthy Advisor, who loves you unconditionally, and only wants the best for you in all situations?

This may sound like a fantasy, but in reality, you have the ability to discover all the answers that your heart yearns for you to remember by connecting and communicating with a long-lost friend called your Higher Self.

What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self transcends the physical body with ageless, timeless wisdom, yet it is inseparable from your physical body and The Divine Universe.

The Higher Self is not necessarily contained “within” the physical body, but it is also not outside of the physical body. This may seem contradictory, but it follows the esoteric principle that we are all One with The Divine, and we are all expressions of The Divine.

It is the identification with our human mind and limitations of our perceptions that keep us from looking at the world as One within The Mind of the Universe.

When you begin to recognize and communicate with your Higher Self from a loving presence and a heartful knowingness, it will change your life and open your perceptions to a brand-new awareness of potentials and possibilities that are beyond your conscious, thinking mind.

Communicating with Your Higher Self

Learning how to communicate with my Higher Self has been a process of inner discovery, since this was not something that was taught to me.

All of us have the ability to tune into our Highest Wisdom for our most intimate and essential questions. For many reasons, we are programmed and conditioned on what and how to believe, on all levels.

A normal upbringing in our society does little to nurture and develop our various natural born abilities of extrasensory perceptions such as intuition, psychic awareness, and energetic sensitivities.

This, in turn, inhibits the development of our various natural abilities, which cause us to potentially become stunted or blocked from our full capabilities and connection with the unseen world of energy and consciousness.

In reality, we all have the ability to realize all lessons and know all truth. We just need to know how to listen within.

An Invaluable Tool to Help You Discover your Purpose in Life

If you are on a journey of inner self-discovery, learning how to communicate with your Higher Self can be an invaluable tool to add to your spiritual practice.

As you learn how to go within and open yourself to the wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love your Higher Self has to offer, a new level of divine understanding becomes awakened.

This understanding is not of the mind, but of the heart as new perceptions of yourself become integrated within the oneness of The Divine Universe
As you become awakened to the calling of your purpose, your life takes on new meaning. You begin to see how all the pieces of your life have come together to help you realize the lessons to move forward to rise above problems, challenges, limitations, and beliefs.

Learn How to Communicate with Your Higher Self

If you are interested in learning more about communicating with your Higher Self, I periodically teach in-person and online events on this, and other spiritually related topics. My office is located in Ormond Beach, Florida, part of the Greater Daytona Beach Florida area.

One of the best ways to communicate with your Higher Self to receive your wisdom and guidance within is through meditation.

To develop or deepen your meditation practice, check out my Mediation Coaching Sessions held in person and via video call.

You followed your intuition to find this article among thousands of others on the internet. Maybe it’s time for you to follow your own guidance to connect with your Higher Self. Whether you schedule with me, or start meditating on your own, you now have a reminder from the unseen forces of Divine Guidance to listen within.

May peace be with you as your Higher Self guides the way to the destiny of your dreams!


See my related blog post on Heartful Meditation and The Higher Self.

Are You an Earth Angel? 7 Signs You May be One

Are You an Earth Angel? 7 Signs You May be One

Earth Angels are among us. If you ask yourself if you are one or have wondered this in the past, the answer will be evident as you read this article.

Earth Angels are prevalent in every walk of life, every age, and every stage of life. You may not know them by name, but you know them by their Light. This Light is the one and same Light that connects each of us to the unified field of Divinity.

Seven Signs You May be an Earth Angel

  1. Earth Angels radiate the light of their love and compassion upon everyone they encounter. They send loving, healing thoughts to their enemies as well as their friends.
  2. Earth Angels grace their smiles of compassion, hope, and forgiveness upon those who are suffering or caught in the program of their beliefs. Their true nature is to forgive, and they do not hold grudges.
  3. Earth Angels truly wish the highest good for all things, even when those things, people, or circumstances appear to be unjust, corrupt, hateful, hurtful, selfish, or deceitful. However, this does not imply that they should agree with, adhere to, or be associated with those people, things, or circumstances.
  4. Earth Angels are truly ambassadors of the Divine Light of The Universe. They hold the collective order of unity, peace, and harmony within the essence of their being. People may tell them things such as they have gentle energy or feel better just by talking to them or being in their presence.
  5. Thoughts are things to Earth Angels. They carefully guide their thoughts to project love, healing, forgiveness, and compassion to others and the conflicts in the world. They do not allow fear, negativity, or others’ opinions to rule their thoughts, beliefs, or lives.
  6. Earth Angels have a deep inner knowing that they are here for a specific reason or mission in life. They are called to service and to serve in all walks of life. Earth Angels often perform their purpose or mission without even knowing or realizing the significant impact they are making in elevating the collective consciousness of humanity. Earth Angels don’t necessarily serve by doing; they serve by being.
  7. Earth Angels may feel as though they are not from here or are not like other people. Due to their loving, giving nature, they can be easily taken advantage of. They have difficulty understanding the chaos, division, and corruption of the world, and relating to people who demonstrate or radiate such qualities.

Earth Angels may not have saintly appearances or have magical powers. They can lead troubled lives and often make mistakes just like anyone else. Regardless, all Earth Angels are ultimately ruled by divine love. Their hearts are the receivers and senders of communication and miracles between the physical and non-physical realms of The Divine Universe.

What You Need to Know about being an Earth Angel

There is no entrance exam to be an Earth Angel. There is no special training to take. There is no exclusive list or club to join. You do not need to be born into it. Earth Angels hold the light and love of Divinity within them, as we all do. The difference is, they have a deep inner knowing that this light and love is what radiates the harmony, healing, and truth for ALL THINGS. When this remembrance of the Truth Within is activated, they open to the gifts held within their life purpose.

Earth Angels hold the desire to be of service to the Earth, humanity, and all living things. They continually strive to walk the walk of love, compassion, and true acceptance of all diversity and ways of thinking. They surrender to the illusion of ego and limitation held within the energy of fear and separation that grips most of humanity.

If you are still wondering if you are an Earth Angel, then you need to know that every one of us has the capacity to be one if we so desire. It is within this desire in which the Earth Angel is born at any time of life.

Earth Angels in Human Form

Because Earth Angels breathe within human bodies (animals too, but that is another post), they can and do fall victim to false evidence appearing to be real, or FEAR. This includes the mass programming and conditioning of society.

Earth Angels can become weakened and forget the truth of who they are and what they are here to do, be, and create. They sometimes forget their individual emotional, and spiritual healing directly affects the collective healing of the world. The more they fall into the fog of forgetfulness created by division, judgment, greed, corruption, conditioning, and chaos of physical life and society, the less they remember their true nature as Earth Angels and their mission in life to shine their Light and be of service.

Your Chance to Unite with your Destiny!

The good news is that once the desire to be an Earth Angel is re-ignited, you are back on the path to your highest potential and purpose in life. There is always another chance to be “born again” as you walk hand in hand with the mother and father of all compassion and forgiveness – The Divine One within you!

Yes, you are an Earth Angel if you really desire to be, and follow the path of your loving heart and your illuminated Soul.

I would love to help you remember and reclaim your Earth Angel within. My services are offered in-person in my office in Ormond Beach, Florida, the Daytona Beach Area, and online via video call from anywhere.

I offer two services to help you align with your peace, purpose, power, and potential! Click on the links below to learn more and to schedule your Session.

Transformational Life Coaching 

Vibrational Energy Healing

Don’t be shy! Claiming your Earth Angel is exactly what the world needs right now. Do it for you, do it for the world, do it for your destiny, do it for Divinity!

From one Earth Angel to another,


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