A New Dawn is Rising – Winning the War on Consciousness

A New Dawn is Rising – Winning the War on Consciousness

The following is a highly vibrational channeled message of hope and inspiration from The Showers of The Light as featured in my book, New Earth Rising.

We speak to you now from The Light. We bring you messages of hope and healing. We see your long, dark winter of doubt, despair, disease, isolation, restlessness, anger, hopelessness, and frustration and what it is doing to the collective vibrations of the whole.

We witness your world experiencing a paradigm of pain. You and your fellow Earth Realm dwellers are feeling the effects of subjugated control and fear-based manipulation. Your physical form bodies feel the heaviness and impurities of the Dark Order, and it’s false rule. Let Us be clear. Your true vision is skewed. The world you are witnessing is not what it appears to be. Yes, the paradigm is real, but the reality is not true. In order to break free of the paradigm, you must divert your primary attention elsewhere.

Living in two worlds, so to say, occurs before the bi-furcation of the true timeline for Ascension. Continue to keep your thoughts generating from your heart, not what your mind believes. Look beyond what you think you see and think beyond what you believe you know. Extend the bridge of higher thought form reality to your fellow sisters and brothers of The Light so they may receive the energetic support to continue their missions of radiating The Light for others.  Continue to radiate The Light and the Codes of Awakening to those who continue to sit in the darkness of controlled agendas and fear-based beliefs.

The Dark Order of operations is weakening, and it knows it. A New Dawn is rising in the minds of many that have been hijacked by this Order and are beginning to break free. These are the ones starting to peer beyond the darkness as the shadows of false realities and misguided information are lifting. Allow compassion and patience for those who are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes and drifting between darkness and Light. You have already witnessed this within friends and family. Stay true to The Light and be strong in your knowingness that truth, love, unity, and freedom will prevail. The timeline for Ascension may no longer be impeded. It is the natural order of Nature and the will of The Divine.

The long, dark winter will end when the paradigm of false rule shatters, and The Light leads the way to The Ascension of Consciousness. Earth Realm reality is on the cusp of the bifurcation of timelines. There are countless benevolent beings and other-realm consciousness watching and waiting to welcome New Earth to the Galactic Council of Light. You will be most celebrated and welcomed as heroes after winning the War on Consciousness. Be your mission. Radiate The Light. Remember the Light, Love, Beauty, and Truth of Reality.

New Earth Rising

New Earth Rising

A channeled book to awaken your awareness to the Truth of your Divine Heritage and Starseed Mission

Activate Your Divine Codes for New Earth Ascension!

Calling all Starseeds, Lightworkers, Channels, Visionaries, Mediums, Mystics, and Awakening Souls. New Earth Rising brings urgent and vital information to the people of Earth as our true timeline and divine destiny are resurrected and restored.

Throughout the ages, we have forgotten the truth of who we are. We have forgotten our inherent nature of Unity Consciousness, bestowed upon us from Life and Creation. We have forgotten our origins of Light and Love. This book will help you remember.


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About the Book

Prepare to be led on an epic journey through the never-ending story of Life and Creation, the lineage of The Cosmos, the origins of Awakening, the original Earth Realm Reality, the Fall of Humanity, hijacked timelines, and New Earth Ascension as received by Shannon MacDonald from Divine Consciousness.

New Earth Rising showers the reader with powerful insights and unique channeled messages regarding the truth of who we are and The Great Liberation of human consciousness.

The transmissions instill how we can free ourselves from the false programs of fear and limitation, align with our highest purpose and infinite potentials, reclaim our rightful heritage and true timeline, and ascend to New Earth Reality.

Multidimensional benevolent beings and Representers of The Divine radiate energetically encoded keys within the transmissions to awaken higher awareness and activate dormant consciousness trapped within our collective belief systems.

Transmissions include humanity’s liberation from enslavement consciousness as the Portals of Harmonic Vibration, and Love-Light Activation Codes help attune the readers’ energetic memories to The Great Remembrance of our true origins and divine destiny. This allows for the growth and development of dormant forces within the human-mind-body-system to remember forgotten truths, regain inherent abilities, and ascend to New Earth Reality.

Throughout the ages, we have forgotten the truth of who we are. We have forgotten our inherent nature of Unity Consciousness, bestowed upon us from Life and Creation. We have forgotten our origins of Light and Love. This book will help you remember.

Genres: Channeled Books, Mind Body Soul, Non Fiction
Publisher: Ascension Publications
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781736510261
List Price: 16.79
eBook Price: $6.99
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About the Author
Shannon MacDonald

Shannon Macdonald is an Author, Spiritual Healer, Divine Feminine Life Guide, and Oracle of The Light based in Ormond Beach, Florida. A registered nurse for over 25 years and devotee to expanding and uplifting the consciousness of humanity, Shannon’s unique experience and abilities help others awaken to their peace, power, purpose, and highest potentials through her transformational books and heart-opening services and events. Contact her here.



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