Alycia Clutterbuck
"My Mom was diagnosed with cancer a little over two years ago. On Christmas Day she was admitted with complications from her old feeding tube site and is currently still in the hospital (March 20, 2019). While in FL I simply did a google search for someone to come and do a healing session on my Mom and came across this site. I had no idea what I would get and just prayed for the best. The moment Shannon walked in I knew she was someone special. She has such a beautiful presence and simply being in the same room with her gives you a sense of peace, love and light. She has been working with my Mom on a regular basis and has become someone so special to my Mom and my entire family. I truly believe that my Mom would not have made it this far without Shannon's help and can not say enough about how special she truly is. I honestly feel blessed and know that I did not come across her page on my google search by accident. Thank you so much Shannon from the bottom of my heart for everything! Your one of a kind!"

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