What are Downloads From Divinity?

Dear Starseed and all followers of The Divine Light,

Downloads From Divinity are Messages of love, truth, and guidance to help you remember. As we collectively return to the love, harmony, and peace within Unity Consciousness and rise above the paradigms within fear, we become closer to the Great Liberation— the remembrance of who we are, our purpose on this Earth plane reality, and the importance of our contributions to realign with the Divine Universal Light within ourselves.

It is truly you who will make the difference for the collective remembrance and return to The Light. The language of the heart will show you the way. Divinity speaks to you every moment of the day if you so choose to listen. You will begin to recognize the Messages within you as you quiet your mind and open your heart to the depths of infinite love, light, beauty, and truth. Hold these qualities as your guiding light as you explore the Messages from Higher Realms in service to the planet and all of humanity.

The unification and healing of humanity is a choice made within our collective evolution. We all have the choice to flourish or flounder depending on our vibrational state of alignment between love and fear, truth, and illusion. There is no right or wrong in your decisions to unify or divide. All roads ultimately take you home. It is my greatest wish for you to take the road that flows with grace and ease as you reach your highest purpose and greatest potential on the road to the Great Liberation.

With infinite love and highest blessings,




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The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

Shannon MacDonald

A Channeled Message From the Heart of the Universe to the Hearts of Humanity



The answers are discovered within.

Each breath takes you closer to the solution.

Each breath opening your heart to your true mind and reason for being.

Each breath leads to the sacred temple of your heart.

Each breath melting the illusion of separation and flowing into the oneness of all Creation.

It is here you remember the truth of who you are, why you are here, and how to transform fear to love.

For in the fear, your illusion is clear.

Your power is drained.

Your answers are false.

Your separation is strengthened.

Your anger is fortified.

Listen for the Divine Breath Within and hear the song of your Soul.

The song that sings the truth of Love and the remembrance of One.

One Heart within the body of the Universe.

One Great Act of compassion for all things.

One Divine Answer to cure all ills and unite all paths.

One Light for all to see if they choose to believe.

Look beyond what you think you see.

Look through the eyes of your Soul.

The Universe is calling for your awakening.

Go ahead— just breathe.

 Divinity Speaks

About Divinity Speaks

Cosmic transmissions from the One Heart of The Universe to the hearts of humanity. As an emissary of The Light, Shannon MacDonald receives downloads from Divinity to help humanity realize their true nature of love and light as we collectively unite through the Great Remembrance and ascend to the Great Liberation.



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Divinity speaks within the silence of your heart, the acceptance of your mind, and the truth of the Universe.

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