The Difference Between a Life Coach, Wellness Coach, & Transformation Coach

Shannon MacDonald

Are you looking for a life coach to help you navigate your best course in life so you can reach the destination you have always dreamed of?

As you begin your search, you will see there are various life-coaching modalities to help you reach your destination, depending on where you want to go and the best way to get there.

This article will give you some basics on knowing the difference between a life coach, wellness coach, and transformation coach to help you decide how to pick the best type of life coach for you.

Life Coach vs. Wellness Coach vs. Transformational Life Coach

The differences between a life coach, wellness coach, and transformational life coach are extensive and unique.

While certain approaches may overlap, each coaching modality has its own characteristics and qualities to consider before scheduling your first session.

I do not believe one model is better than another; what matters is what is best for you? It’s important to ask yourself this question because it will help determine what life coaching modality will benefit you the most.

As you begin to listen within, your internal guidance system will tell you the answer by how you feel.

Life Coach – Goals & Actions to be More Effective and Motivated

A life coach is someone to help you identify where you currently are and where you want to go. This sets the stage for all models of life coaching.

A traditional life coach will help you increase effectiveness and motivation in your home or workplace, set goals, identify strengths, abilities, and options, and make action plans.

This is desirable for anyone who needs structure and accountability to refocus goals, improve relationships, or become more effective in personal or career endeavors.

Wellness Coach – Action & Accountability for Health and Lifestyle

A wellness coach typically focuses on your current lifestyle, such as reaching your physical, emotional, and personal goals related to your overall health and wellbeing.

There is generally a detailed assessment and plan of action to help guide and motivate clients towards things such as losing weight, eating healthier, lowering stress, or quitting a habit such as smoking.

A wellness coach and life coach may often work on similar aspects of behaviors and goals as they develop action and accountability plans for change.

Transformational Life Coach – Outer Change and Lasting Happiness Begins with Inner Awareness

A transformational life coach, aka transformation coach, helps you reach your desired destination to health, happiness, and fulfillment while focusing more on your state of being rather than doing.

Instead of working on specific goals and action plans, a transformational life coach will help you learn how to shift your energetic and emotional vibration to a higher state and teach you how to maintain this yourself.

Sessions help you learn to look beyond your conditioned patterns and perceived obstacles that may be holding you captive and repeating cycles over and over. You learn to see your life with a new perspective and greater clarity.

As you become aware of your energetic and emotional thoughts, feelings, and patterns, you begin to see that you have the ability to break away from limitation and fear as you grow into your power and potential.

Transformational life coaching helps you move beyond the story you hold about yourself and reimagine a brighter, better, happier, and truly transformational way of being you and living your most fulfilled life.

Alchemize Your Life with Transformational Life Coaching!

As a transformation coach, I help guide, inspire, and remind you how to be you again, and how you can alchemize your life to the inner richness of your true nature.

Maybe you don’t really even know who you are anymore or where you left the part of you that holds your happiest, healthiest, most purposeful life. That’s OK!

Many people have lost that deep connection to their highest knowing and inner peace.

This can occur through years of pretending to be happy, pleasing others in lieu of their own health and happiness, or holding on to the story that keeps them repeating patterns of fear, negativity, doubt, and defeat.

Connect and Reset with Transformational Life Coaching

I believe the most powerful and impactful way to reach and maintain your goals in life is first to help you reconnect with the innocence, youth, exuberance, passion, and purpose within.

The real you that is underneath all the years of programming and conditioning. The you that is beyond your beliefs and rising within your radiance!

This isn’t done through to-do lists or goal setting; this occurs through learning how to disconnect and reset your energetic and emotional patterns that may be keeping you from stepping into your power and highest potential.

I help you see that fear and failure are a state of mind and that you have the ability to heal for real and live your best life!

Begin your Spiritual Evolution with a Clarity Consultation In-Person, or Online.

Your spiritual evolution is about walking the path back to your authentic self as you honor all that is sacred within you.

It is about letting go of thoughts, beliefs, and things that no longer serve you and setting sail to the life that gives you the most joy, peace, and fulfillment.

How many times have you said you will have time to fulfill your needs or be happy later? Well, later is now, and now is your time!

Don’t wait any longer to deny the dreams within you. You deserve to concentrate on who you wish to be and what you long to experience in your precious life.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I offer Clarity Consultations to help you see your life clearly again. These are offered online via video call and in-person. My office is in the Daytona Beach, Florida area in the town of Ormond Beach.

I look forward to being a guiding light as you begin the most important journey of your life; the journey within.

With love, light, and blessings,


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