The Great Reset: Remembering the Truth and Revisioning Our Future

Shannon MacDonald

Life is a river of possibilities and potentials that emerges from the darkness of unseen creation. Much like a hidden spring, each being bubbles up from the murky waters of the unknown. We unabatedly curl our way through the currents of perception and life experience—all the while holding the song of our triumphs and trials within the heart of the Universe.

As lessons are received through toil or teaching, we each have the opportunity to unite in love and truth or divide in fear and separation.

Each soul knows what is most needed for the experience of life to become fulfilled. Every experience provides an opportunity to learn lessons from the infinite scale between heartbreak and happiness. Each life has a mission to fulfill and a message to remember. As physical life eventually makes its final journey to the ocean of unity consciousness, the soul is met with unconditional love and the illuminating remembrance of truth.

As we are born into this form of physical perception, our spiritual eyes are wide open. We still see the Light. We still perceive all things seen and unseen—consciousness flowing within the realm of knowingness. Our minds and hearts radiate truth, unity, harmony, and love.

All children see through the unfiltered eyes of love and the hearts of remembrance. This is their birthright. This is their gift to the world as it they radiate hope for the future. All who look into the eyes of a child know this to be true.

All children are divine gifts from the ever-loving Universe to help us remember the truth of who we are and help us be better. They hold only inclusion and love for all beings within their all-knowing memories of unity consciousness. They remind us of the importance of our individual and collective choices, which can build or break the story of life and the outcomes of our human experience.

A soul has no race, no culture, or belief. It knows only truth as it radiates love. Each soul is an infinite expression within the masterpiece of Divine Light. Dancing to the harmonious melody of the one great song of the Universe, all souls are ever united and complete.

We are all born into the realm of darkness and, in doing so, forget our illuminating nature of Light. We forget our origins of unity and our namesake of truth. Maybe this is by design so our souls may have a fair advantage to experience the fullness of physical life as we learn and evolve. As we grow, we are taught and told the conditions and limitations of life. This is when the light of knowingness begins to fade. The darkness of forgetfulness, limitation, and separation becomes the prison in which beliefs are born.

Each of us has a choice and a chance right now. Here! Today! We each have the opportunity to reclaim the long-lost truth that lights the way to our remembrance. We each have the chance to put aside fighting over our perceived differences and remember the truth of one humankind—united, not divided. The loving order of natural inclusion means opening our hearts and resetting our beliefs, no matter how difficult it may be.

The resetting of humanity means listening to our inner knowing versus following the lures of limitation, fear, mindless chatter, greed, and control. It means revisioning our future for the ultimate survival of the human race as the Great Remembrance of Light and Love leads the way.

Each person is a vessel for unified hearts to sing in memory of truth. Peace prevails as we open the curtains for the light of Divine Love to shine upon us. We are all diverse and beautiful vessels, all adding unique and wonderful flavors to the experience of life. Let’s rejoice in this. Let’s honor this. Let’s remember together, as we say, “THIS IS SO!”. We can remember the truth of who we are and the eternal, unified connection within all things. We exist as this. We are this. We are all-knowing and divinely powered by the Light Within.

All we need to do is remember.


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