The No News Diet: Detox From Information Overload

Shannon MacDonald

The Effects of Informational Overeating

Have you been feeling the heaviness in your life from overindulging in the 24-hour news buffet? Do you find yourself craving the bitter-sweet taste of information overload as you reach for your next news fix? While information plays an important role in our lives, there is a big difference between the consumption and absorption of information versus news.

A healthy diet doesn’t just include the quantity and quality of food you put into your mouth. It also includes the ideas and information you put into your mind.

The No News Diet is a revolutionary book to help you detox from fear and control-based informational overeating. It acts as a guide to remind you of your organic energetic roots as a conscious creator within the energy of love.

  • Discover the differences between the energy of positive information and negative news and how it can magnetize and influence outcomes in your life.
  • Learn how to consume your information in more nourishing ways as you stop following the fear.
  • Create an informational diet that provides the energetic calories of positivity, unification, regeneration, and empowerment versus the empty calories of N.E.W.S—a diet that is negative, excludes, weakens, and separates.

The No News Diet holds the informational codes of love, positivity, truth, and unity. This diet contains acceptance, joy, liberation, and harmony at its energetic core. It promotes free thinking, free speech, and free will.

This is the diet that nourishes your life, charges your emotional and energetic field, and helps you see beyond the programming.

Detoxify your mind and cleanse your energetic microbiome today!

The No News Diet:Detox From Information Overload and negative news. New ebook by Shannon MacDonald

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Shannon MacDonald is a Transformational Life Coach, Vibrational Energy Healer, and Author based in Ormond Beach, Florida. She writes books to break the barriers of fear and limitation to help others magnetize their happiest life and rise to their infinite potential.



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