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Awakening to Cosmic Consciousness

This video is a channeled message to help awaken your remembrance of the love, light, beauty, and truth of who you are.

Beyond the fear, programs of conditioning, and limiting beliefs, a New Earth is waiting for you to remember! Join me on a journey to activate your remembrance and rise to a New Earth!  

New Earth Rising

This video is an excerpt from an intimate discussion about my channeled book, New Earth Rising – Starseed Transmissions for Awakening, Activation, and Ascension.  If you are in the process of awakening and not sure what to do with your newfound outlook on life or what awakening means to you, this video provides my insights from the channeled transmissions I have received for New Earth Rising.

What is Channeling?

Channeling isn’t reserved for the ancients and mystics. Watch and listen as I explain my process of channeling, how everyone can do it, and how it can dramatically improve and uplift your life.

528 Hz Guided Meditation for Ascension

Join me for a relaxing guided meditation as I take you on a journey to activate your light body and ascend to 5D Consciousness. Unite with your inner peace and higher awareness here!

Wake up to the Universal Vibration of Love

Take a walk with me and my dog Target to a beautiful lake on a balmy, spring Florida evening. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Let’s just be. Together we will become present as we remember that nature can be our doorway to our inner peace and Higher Knowing.

How to Connect with Your Higher Knowing, Inner Peace, and Self Love

Join me before a private transformational life coaching session where I explain how I stay peaceful and happy with daily meditation and how you can too!

A Mother’s Day Message for the Hearts of Humanity

This inspired Mother’s Day message is expressing my love and gratitude for the Great Mother Spirit of all Creation. Use it as a meditation or just listen.

Guided Meditation for Ascension

Join me for a special guided meditation to help you feel  peaceful and move beyond fear as we elevate to a state of joy, unity, hope, and healing.

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