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Welcome Friend!

When I first meet a client who has scheduled a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session in-person or via Zoom video, it often feels like two old friends getting together and picking up right where we left off. It’s like a recognition between two souls who have come together to be reminded; we are not alone. As I welcome your physical presence, I feel your energetic longing to feel whole again. 

Many of you find me by “accident” or were just searching for a Reiki healer. Yet, you and I both know that you are here on purpose. Your higher knowing brought you here by following the signs and paying attention to your inner listening. We were supposed to meet at this time and place.

Are You Going Through a Hard Time?

Whether you are facing illness, difficulties finding the courage to move forward to a more positive and empowered life, or are holding on to trauma from the past; I hold the sacred space for you to speak your truth in a safe and supportive environment. My clients often come to heal from the wounds of life, yet they may not know what that means or where to start. That’s OK. The Universe knows why, and that is why you are here.

You Deserve to be Happy and Enjoy Your Life!

Some of my clients who schedule Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions have a hard time feeling deserving of happiness due to trauma or tragedy or someone telling them they are not good enough. Others want to break free from limiting patterns but haven’t been able to see through the darkness of uncertainty or fear.

Some clients who schedule Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions don’t have a specific reason; they just know they feel stuck and that something needs to change.

The majority of my clients are women who schedule Spiritual Healing + Reiki Sessions and are in various stages of spiritual awakening. They are beginning to feel the stirring of higher awareness and the knowingness of infinite possibilities and potentials hiding in plain sight.

Let Me Help You Reconnect and Feel Whole Again

If you feel disconnected from life and distracted from your joy, inner peace, purpose, passion, and highest potentials, I promise you are not alone. Sometimes just having a loving presence to share the insights of life and the challenges of awakening can be a life-affirming step towards honoring your voice and claiming your courage to become whole again.

A Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with meis your time to proclaim to the Universe that you are ready to open yourself to the possibilities of true healing and that you deserve to be happy!

Discovering your happiness may mean letting go of disempowering beliefs and patterns and giving yourself the time and permission to set the stage of your life for healing. The process of healing begins as you step up to the plate and go to bat for yourself! You begin to recognize limiting beliefs and patterns that may have been keeping you hypnotized or paralyzed.

While a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session may sound like counseling, it isn’t. But it is holding the space for you to speak your truth as I listen to what brought you to the point of being here today. It may feel like a therapy session for your soul as you begin to honor your journey of awakening.

Your Healing Time

I have just described the first 1/3 of your Initial Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session with me. The next part of your healing session will include your healing time.

If you scheduled your Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session in person at my center in Ormond Beach, Florida, you will be in my healing room. You will be invited to sit on a reclining chair as you relax and enjoy your session. If you schedule remotely via a video call, you will have your choice of where you are most comfortable.

During your Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session, you will be fully clothed. You may take off your shoes if you prefer. The lights will be dimmed, and you will be offered a blanket if you want to get extra snuggly!

I will explain the process of how I work, which is all energetically. I will not touch you, although I will be feeling and scanning your energy while working with the healing frequencies of Higher Consciousness. These frequencies are not bound by the constraints of space or time. This is why remote healing sessions are just as effective as in person.

Before your Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session, you will be reminded to set your intentions for healing before we begin. I will already have explained that intention and prayer are powerful attractors, but not to limit yourself with specific expectations of outcomes of your healing. This is because healing happens in more ways than you may think you need. The Universe has a plan. There are infinite capacities for healing to blossom and bloom within you.

Your Healing Experience

While the experience during a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session is different for everyone the most common thing I hear is how relaxing it is.

Some people fall into a deep state of meditation and may have visions. Other’s fall asleep, while some prefer to enjoy their session by just being present. I always tell my clients to be open to any experience.

As you allow yourself to relax and be present, the harmonizing frequencies of Higher Consciousness are recalibrating your energetic body to optimize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing potential. See my article on Reiki and Spiritual Healing Here. I incorporate my Reiki training and experience in all of my healing sessions.

If you have ever had a professional massage, it’s always hard getting off the table after being so relaxed. This type of feeling is not uncommon after a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session. I have been told that my sessions feel like a therapeutic massage for the soul! Don’t worry; you will be given some time to come back to your everyday state of consciousness before we conclude our time together. If you have scheduled a Distant Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session, this will also be the case.

Concluding Your Healing Session

In the last part of your Initial Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions or discuss your experience. I will give you a few tips to help you recognize and optimize your healing going forward and some reminders of our earlier discussion regarding your spiritual practice. I might even give you some homework that you will love!

All in all, my client’s usual response after a Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session is that they feel very peaceful and relaxed. It’s a kind of peace they cannot connect within everyday life, so it is often a welcome feeling of relief.

It’s not unusual for clients to report that they have more clarity or feel their hearts have opened or released trauma somehow. All these are beautiful things and are part of the healing process to continue to unfold and evolve. Yet, your healing is not done when you walk out my door or turn off your screen. The harmonizing and healing frequencies of Higher Consciousness are yours to keep.

You may choose to have a follow-up Spiritual Healing + Reiki Session in the future to recalibrate your energetic body. Still, it is not necessary for your healing to evolve.

An Important Reminder

This article would not be complete without reminding you that somewhere deep inside, you already know you are whole, healed, and complete. Your Higher Self may have guided you to me to help you spark this remembrance. That may be an integral part of your healing or awakening process.

When we connect to our higher knowing, we remember that our true inner nature is Divinity itself. The truth of who you are is infinite, indivisible, all-knowing, ever-present, unified Divine Consciousness having an experience. That experience is YOU! When we wake up to this truth, we remember we are already healed. Sometimes it just takes another awakened soul to help us remember. I would be honored to be that person for you!



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